Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No Title Because I Can't Think of One

The good news is that I found my little camera this morning. I most definitely will download all my summer pictures from it at least by week after next. If I get around to it, that is.

That bad news is that the picture you have to look at now is from May 2005 (I am totally guessing). It is Jane Fonda at the Fox Theater. I think this is my first celebrity post and possibly my last (unless you count my ramblings about the Bachelorette...and did you see that guy had a girlfriend(s)!!!!!).



MJacobson said...

Where is your picture with Rita Wilson?

Kristin said...

Lisa, have I ever mentioned how much you crack me up?!?

I regret to admit that I have bought those scandalous People and Us magazines that exploit Ed's other relationships. What a schmuck. And she is no Einstein for staying with him (or choosing him), in my opinion. Who do you want for the next Bachelor, BTW?

And, the million $ question: Are you caught up with BB yet?!? The finale is Tuesday!