Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lost Tooth #2 for the Big Guy

Thankfully it was still a bottom tooth. His top one is loose now and the world will change when he loses it and grows a huge grown-up tooth in its place. He will not be that sweet-looking little boy I have loved for so long. I'm being a little dramatic and sentimental, but you know what I mean. He will be the same kid - it is just a bigger sign than usual that he is growing up fast.

The Tooth Fairy does come to our house. I feel really bad for her trying to find that little bity tooth way up high under a bunk bed pillow. The poor thing has her work cut out for her. Hubby didn't think it would work, but I suggested he just leave it on the pirate ship in his room. I thought she could find it easier and she did! He got a gold dollar coin. We did have to set him straight when he had the brilliant plan of knocking out some extra teeth to make more money. She doesn't work like that.

Can you do this?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This is just a little reminder to myself of the good in even the most rotten day. This is why I love photography. It captures the sweetest moments. It also makes it appear as if the Little Guy can be still for a moment. He isn't hopping and circling anyone in my pictures.

Today was pretty rotten. I'm tired, the patience in me is shot, I don't feel good and my Hubby left for the next 10 days. And that is just the beginning of my whine-fest ending with the Little Guy pooping in his pajamas after his bath and leaving a trail of you-don't-even-want-to-know all through my house. I'm going to bed early (for me) and look forward to a wonderful day tomorrow.


We had Baby Girl baptized yesterday at church. This is our former pastor who baptized both of the boys. He is retired now, but assisted our current pastor. It was really sweet. This man talked to her and told her how special she was and how much her brothers loved her. Our current pastor walked her up and down the aisle holding her way in the air while everyone sang Jesus love you. My Mom and Aunt were worried with her flying in the air. I don't know if they were scared or were worried about her being scared. He has done that with every baby since he has been there so it wasn't exactly a big surprise.

This is the only picture I have. None of the dress or all of us looking so nice or the other preacher. With the first baby we took a million pictures in the lovely courtyard. I wish I had more, but sometimes you have to just live in the moment and not be the photographer. A friend did video everything and it is more important to hear what was said anyway. We got out a little early and there was a downpour of rain. We had lunch with some family and friends and I think my 6 year old said something about all of that not mattering. I think he alluded to her having to make the decision herself one day? I'm thinking he might have actually caught on? I need to talk to him more about that. I have to say that warmed my heart and meant more than anything else to me if he actually understands that a person has to accept Christ themselves and no one else can do it for them. If all of my kids do that, it will make the total destruction of my house and sanity completely worth it.

She received a bible, certificate, banner and a letter to open when she is 10 telling her what happened. I think with the Little Guy's I opened the letter because I could not wait 10 years to find out what it said! The banners are really cute with a little lamb and their name and date sewn underneath. We used to have them hanging outside their bedroom doors until we learned that 2 year old boys can jump up, pull them down and mess them up. It used to be that whenever a baby was baptized in our church and got their banner, my Hubby and I would elbow each other and whisper "until you are two and can destroy this". I'm SURE Baby Girl would NEVER do something like that. ;-)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Self Portrait?

I didn't capture the title at the top of this page. It was clearly marked "Self Portrait". The Little Guy was to draw a picture of himself. Simple enough. Wrong - the Little Guy doesn't do simple and especially does NOT do compliance.

I am a proud Mama of anything my kids do in the artistic arena as long is it is kept off my walls an floors. I could see this as version of himself. Eyes may be in the wrong place, but that is okay. Lots of arms and legs and big ears. Okay. Is that a hat or a tumor on top of his head? By now you may have noticed the teacher wrote "a basket with 2 oranges in it". Ohhh. I guess I see that. What is the third thing, though? And is that a hat or a tumor on it?

He must get his artistic ability from me (note below drawing of paddle). Or, he could be the next Van Gogh. I hope he cuts the tumor off and not one of those enormously large ears.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tennis Anyone?

I attempted to get back in to the swing of things yesterday. I had my first doubles tennis match since I was 18 weeks pregnant with Baby Girl. I had been saying that I had not picked up a racket in a year, but that isn't true. I now remember that I went to a Cardio Tennis class in January and was not ready to move so much. It was awful. I am out of shape now and was a slug back then. The rain came and went and finally the lightning made us stop before we were finished. We had a good showing winning the first set 6-0.

When I get to play other girls from around town that I don't know, I always realize something. I am old. Last year I was on a tennis team of young 20-something year olds. I still feel that age inside. However, when I was around them it was clear that I am definitely not. I don't have a cane or wear polyester pant suits, but you can just tell. The biggest difference is that they "go out" until 1 am or later on Friday AND Saturday night. Wow. I don't know this for sure, but I bet anything they get to sleep late. Ugh! They could also drink lots and lots of beer. If I were to try and drink two, I'm sure I would be babbling like an idiot or asleep. I'm not sure which. You think you can hang with them and they are thinking you remind them of their Mom. Driving away in my minivan certainly didn't improve my lack of coolness.

The girls we played today were of the younger sort. One of them was concerned about the rain holding us up because she had a date at 8 PM. "A DATE!" my partner and I both gleefully say. My partner is an old college friend with six kids of her own. She said to me "She has a date at 8 and I am in bed at 8!" and I said "tell me everything!" She was 5 minutes into some dating stories before my partner looked at me and said "I am so glad we are not dating." Oh yeah. Now I remember. The turkeys. Lots and lots of turkeys. It was hard enough way back when so I'm glad I am not doing it now in the age of texting. I wouldn't mind that sleeping late thing, though.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thank You Super Shark

The Good: In school, the Big Guy won the contest when he guessed there were 222 tiny seashells in a plastic bag. The prize was the bag of shells and he brought them home.

The Bad: When I wasn't looking and he poured them out, sand and all, on my fabric covered sofa.

The Ugly:
What I vacuumed up with my Super-Duper hand held vacuum cleaner.

I went ahead and did the stairs while I was at it. It is a tedious job and doesn't get done often enough. It was absolutely disgusting what I...collected. A better blogger would have taken a picture and posted it. I decided to spare you (plus I didn't have any energy left). Maybe later I'll take a closeup picture of the sandbox. You won't know the difference. I saved it so I could show my Hubby and he made a bad face so I was pleased. I accomplished something today. I completed a chore.

I don't know about you, but I am starting to wonder what wrong turn I took in my life that I am Blogging about my vacuum cleaner. It is awesome, by the way. I promise to never post about how I have switched to Tide detergent or give my opinion on FeBreeze in this venue. Unless of course, someone pays me and I will do it for cheap.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday without a Paddle

It is the end of the day and all my children are tucked in their beds. I haven't heard any noise for over an hour so I think the coast is clear.

It was an okay day with meetings in the morning and lunch at the park with the kids. Baby Girl laughed when she was in the park swing for the first time (see I don't take my camera everywhere because I missed that). I chatted with friends and back home for games and books with the boys.

Chaos started to break loose around the witching hour. Baby Girl just isn't happy and wants to be held from 4:00PM on. I finally put her in her swing - the one we haven't used in months, you know the one she is too big for and should be moved out of here by now. I'm glad I didn't take it to the basement this morning like I had planned. She was peaceful for at least 15 minutes so I could pull dinner together. When I say "peaceful" I mean she wasn't fussing or crying. That doesn't include me yelling from the kitchen to the boys "don't touch her, leave her alone, stop! DO NOT TOUCH YOUR SISTER!" and the like. The boys finally ate their dinner and seemed to like it so I didn't have to hear the usual monologue of why they don't want to eat what I fixed. Milk was spilled, brothers poked each other and my 4 year old kept repeating some word that is not even English.

I established the law of the Mom and went off to put Baby Girl to bed with strict instructions to only read books and not speak, touch or look at each other. Everything went better tonight until the end of Baby Girl's bedtime ritual when I could hear that war had broken out. They both busted into the calm quiet room screaming about the other's offenses. The Big Guy had been bitten so hard he was bleeding... and some other stuff. So off to bed they both go at 6:30. I walked around with the broken end of a lightsaber ready to whack a bottom. What I need is a Paddle! The kind they had in my elementary school with holes in it. Does that hurt more? I say this in jest, but When you spank with your hand and they laugh hysterically - not effective.

I need a disclaimer in case the mean county speech therapists are lurking (since I have an existing file as a "frustrated mother"): I do not beat or abuse my children. They do need an occasional pop to the bottom for blatant disobedience.

No Peeking

Stop that, Little Guy!

It's not what you might think. He is facinated with her belly button. He has been interested in it since she came home from the hospital and it looked like... you know. He would ask what was wrong with it all the time and wanted to look at it every chance he got. I don't mind as much as when he asks to see mine.

There were lots of learning opportunities having a baby girl live with us. Especially with all those diaper changes. Both boys would ask me where her (uhhh) "thing" was. I guess I never thought about talking about the differences between girl and boy parts before then. Never had a reason and didn't want to go there if I didn't have to. The Little Guy told me on several occasions that I needed to "take her to the pee-pee and teeth store." It was true. She had neither. He also seems to think she will be able to eat real food (even corn on the cobb) as soon as she gets teeth. He always has an interesting perspective on things.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dirty Laundry

It waits for me as always.

Maybe I'll air a little of my own.

The boys are grounded today after last night. I didn't think they had that many toys in their room until I now see them all in the middle of the room. Doesn't matter how many toys - the Little Guy was throwing pictures off the wall at one point while I was putting Baby Girl to bed. I am almost positive that I heard a handful of Hot Wheels being thrown against the wall. I sat there so calmly determined to put her to bed quietly and easily. I think I might have been justified in ripping heads off. The dirty work was all done by the Little Guy, but I know the Big Guy antagonizes him and is just as guilty. He cried when I put him in the bed because he had not brushed his teeth in all of that time. I told him his teeth would have to just rot in his mouth. It was not a very good Mommy-moment for me, I admit. I told the Little Guy he wasted the time I gave him to have his PJs on and now would have to sleep in his clothes. Result: Full-on-bad-enraged-fit (again, by him not me). He isn't one of those kids you can put somewhere and let him calm down either. He chases you down screaming and crying - very hysterical. It is me trying to lock myself behind a door to get away from him. Blah, blah, blah, I ended up putting him in the hallway on the floor to sleep. That's right, folks. I tried some tough love although I wimped out and put him in his bed later.

I just checked on the Little Guy in his room during his quiet time/groundedness and he had broken a chest and was inside of it. You just can't leave these kids alone for a minute. I'm so glad it wasn't anything worse.

He has to sit in the car seat he doesn't like in the car and won't go to baseball tonight, loses toys and privileges - you know the drill. He doesn't care. I'll be so glad when there is something he cares about enough to straighten up. Rewards have been offered to him, punishments inflicted for bad behavior, praise, ignoring him, the whole gamut of parenting tricks that we know of. Not much has been effective. It is tough love for me, I think.

Did I forget to mention the continuous slamming door (him not me). Oh, never mind.

I suppose that is enough of a confession for today.

Is this really good or bad? The average age of my boys is 5 and I am feeling pretty wiped out from trying to get them in bed tonight. Tomorrow I will have to let them know that I can take them out times eight. I think my four year old may be a little tougher than the kids in this quiz.

My day was extremely busy. I'm not sure I sat down more than a few times. Luckily feeding Baby Girl requires me to sit still whether I want to or not. She is just so darn cute and fun I often sit a little longer to play with her. Wednesdays are my day to have 3 1/2 hours without little boys because they are both in preschool. I cleaned, picked up, sorted, folded, scrubed, decluttered, and picked up some more. I had a housekeeper here for a couple of hours and I'm pretty sure I worked harder and did more than she did in the short time she was here. I think it might take a full live-in to keep up with this place. I'm willing to give it a try. Any takers? Hazel? Alice? We would love someone that really enjoys cooking as well as cleaning.

The boys played outside as soon as they got home. They found a couple of new things to destroy in our backyard. My they are creative. I fed them popsicles and fruit non-stop. The door opened every 5 minutes. Typical. I told them they could go outside if they wouldn't get really dirty. Why do I waste my breath? Full on bath required almost every time. There was a total battle with the 4 year old about having to take a bath downstairs instead of upstairs (so as not to wake Baby Girl). A cheesestick was was smashed on the glass window in a fit of anger (his, not mine). By the time I got to it much much later it was totally melted all over the deck. I was going to make him clean it up, but he would probably enjoy it too much anyway. Back to the bath - a huge fight and 10 minutes later he was trying to hold my arms down to kiss me. It is just the way he is. He hopped all the way to his room to get dressed. He hops everywhere. He hopped up and down 45 times in his room (I counted) and all the water he drank earlier sloshed in his stomach very loudly. It was gross. I started feeling a little sick. I begged him to stop, but he thought it was so great. I left him in his room for whatever it is that happens in there and causes 50 Hot Wheels to be lined up on the dresser and very loud yelling. There is also Tony Bennett Christmas music playing in the background from a CD he came across.

Because this post is becoming entirely too long...the short version is The Big Guy while left alone was caught playing with the plunger in the bathroom. He took a bath and it was worth the wasted bottle of shampoo for 30 minutes of entertainment for him. Clothes, Homework, Feed Baby Girl, load everyone in the car. Leave the Little Guy for very last because he takes all my concentrated effort. Church, try to unload everyone while Ms. Pushy tells me I need to pay for gifts for music volunteers, Rush Rush, Bad Church Food, mean old church ladies that sell food tickets, bad food inhaled, very cute program by the Big Guy's choir.

Now lucky for you, I have run out of time and can't tell you about the hijinks of this evening at bedtime. It wasn't pretty.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This will make my Hubby smile

You were right! Enjoy the gloat.

RIP, Rebel

My Dear Sweet RebelWe had a lot of good years together. Four to be exact. I think I may have just worn her plum out. I'm not sure what is wrong and suspect fixing her would cost more than buying a new one. I especially liked to take her with us on outings because she is so much lighter than my Mac-Daddy Camera. I first noticed a problem at the baseball game when the autofocus stopped working. That is why I have so many pictures focused on the lovely green grass. I couldn't hang over the railing and manually focus at the same time, ya know?

To my husband: Now you know what I was doing outside taking a picture of my camera (since you asked). I had to memorialize her on My Blog. I hope the neighbors didn't see.

Punk Rock Girl

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Look! It's your Mom!

Picture me hanging over the rail in the blaring bright sun trying to get a picture of my kid walking around a major league baseball field. People in the stands are texting the Coaches letting them know where we are and where to look for pictures. Everyone was so excited for me. And for him. They were yelling at the Big Guy trying to make him look at me. Even this nice Coach-guy is chasing him down to make him look at me so I can get my lovely shot. Like the way he is pointing at my Big Guy and also pointing at me? I think that is so funny. Can't you just hear him telling the Big Guy to look at me? I almost felt bad for Coach-guy running trying to catch up with the Big Guy as he just walked faster and faster to get away. That is my kid and I know he doesn't want me taking his picture. I don't even bother to get his attention anymore (that just makes it worse). He was focused on his moment around the field (or something?) and that is what was important to him. Most of the time he doesn't like a lot of attention to be on him. It really works out better if no one tries to point out his Mom to him so he might accidentally look my direction.

If you ever see me hanging off of something or down on the ground trying to get my perfect shot, don't feel bad when my kids aren't cooperating at all. I wouldn't know what to do if they were still and smiling for me. That wouldn't be a true representation of them anyway. It can be frustrating at times, but more funny than anything else.

Monday, April 21, 2008

He Didn't!

The family was waiting on Baby Girl to finish eating in the church nursery. One of the ladies that worked there kept both of my boys in the nursery when they were babies and has always been nice to my family. She started talking to my Big Guy and telling him how she kept him when he was a little baby just like Baby Girl. His response to her:

(get ready)

"Were you this old when I was a baby?"

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Little League Day at the Ted

Big Guy.......................................Little Guy

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sit, Sits, Sat, Sitting

I promise I am not obsessed about Baby Girl's sitting ability. I hover over her at all times amused by anything she does. Sometimes I actually have my camera with me. After this I won't comment on her sitting skills anymore as I am even boring myself.

This was my view from the bathroom while I was getting everything ready for her bath. I can't even remember when her last bath before this was, but that is a for another post, another day.

I sat her in her bed and expected her to fall right over. She just sat and sat with her Cabbage Patch arms straight out carefully balancing on her bottom. Every time I peeked out the door she was grinning at me. It was funny just to see her head sticking up.
After a very long time she started her descent down.And this is how she ended. Face down.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Did you feel it? I didn't although it was reported people in a nearby town felt it strongly. I didn't sleep well the night before last, but last night I was OUT. I doubt anything would have woken me. I don't even remember my allergy-suffering husband snoring or blowing his nose all night long.

Several years ago I was spending the night in Alabama and woke up to the whole room shaking. I thought I was dreaming because the huge bed I was in was moving back and forth. All the hanging metal drawer pulls on the bedroom furniture was rattling. It was very creepy.

I better go make sure I don't need to straighten the picture frames on my walls.


Baby Girl Bunny goes fishing.

She was just sitting there and


She giggled when her head hit the floor.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Darth Van Gogh

He spent a lot of the afternoon drawing this. There is a very elaborate (and long) story behind what is going on. I thought it was pretty clever, but I am his Mother. That red thing is an Imperial Walker and I think it looks just like it. (Hubby tells me it is an At-At Walker?)

My 6 year old is enthralled with the Star Wars storyline. I don't even know how he has learned about most of it. I found myself answering "I don't know" before he finished his questions today. I don't know the details he asks me about the movie. I especially don't know the names of the funny-looking characters in the movies.

Every day when I pick him up from school he tells me that his buddy wants to come over on a day they have picked so they can watch one of the movies. The Big Guy is very persistent. I will give him that.
He was supposed to be having "quiet time" with his books during the supposed nap time of the Little Guy. I was working on my computer and suddenly he appeared from nowhere. "Can you Google something for me?" I said "WHAT?" He proceeded "Find out how they made Star Wars."

What a different world my children live in. My 6 year old is asking me to Google things. WHAT?

She Looks Like a Boy

That is what the Big Guy said this morning at breakfast. So, I took care of that. I put TWO pink bows in her hair. I had washed her hair (darn cradle cap) and brushed it. He said I combed it just like I do his hair and she looked like a boy. I won't brush it down anymore. If there is no bow, I'll just let it stick up and she can be the punk rock girl she was born to be.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm Innocent. Really.

I had to reply back to Blogger because they thought I had created a blog to SPAM people. I wouldn't even know how to do that if I wanted to. They don't realize how little energy I have for such endeavors. I'm just here to vent and hopefully (one day) provide support for other Mommys with mischievous little boys (I've seen a lot, I think). Oh, and mostly to pretend like people really want to see pictures of my kids. Surely the non-stop pictures of Baby Girl's feet won't be considered SPAM as long as I'm not emailing them? I hope not because I just can't help myself! If I get my Blogger privileges revoked, you will know why.

Big Big Brother

I am so happy when the big guy pays attention to his little siser. He is the anti-Little Guy. He is not constantly in her face talking to her and trying to kiss her. He will occasionally read to her and lately likes to jump from behind her and scream "boo". Both boys have become exceptional in their fake sneeze skills. He has a good view of her in the car and will tell me if her hat covers her eyes or if she is sleeping. He isn't too preoccupied with her. I'm just relieved he isn't jealous or annoyed by her (that could change when she starts getting in to his stuff).

The Big Guy asked for a baby sister long before I was pregnant and even named her. He prayed to God for a sister in our family and by the time we knew we were having a girl, we couldn't rename her something else. My husband said it would be like renaming one of our children. The Big Guy couldn't wait to find out if I was having a girl or a boy. When I told him it was a girl the fists were pumping and there was jumping for joy. [He wanted "no more brothers."]

As the pregnancy went on he became really concerned about the details of incorporating her into our family. He woke me many mornings with a question or concern. The ones I can remember are:

We don't have any baby stuff. How will we take care of her?
We don't have any baby toys. When will we get some?
Where will she sleep when she is too big for the crib? (repeated weekly)
When will she move into my room?
Where will we put her bed when she moves to my room?
How will we paint half the room pink and half blue (he assumed she would eventually move to his room because his little brother did).
Where will her car seat go? How will we keep her off of our playhouse? Can you keep her on the deck?
How will they get her out? Will it hurt? Do they have to bust a hole in you? What will they use - a hammer? (My Little Guy asked how they got her out for at least 2 months after she was born.)

That list is lengthy so I will end it there event though there were many more.

There was more and more tension from him the closer my due date approached. I don't know if he was nervous about the baby or me going to the hospital. Even his teachers knew he was on edge and were nervous about what would happen when the Baby Girl actually arrived. It must have been a big relief to him to know both of us were fine and the world still revolved around him as usual. He was much more easy going after the big event.

The Big Guy has now said that he wants the fourth baby to be a boy. Whoooaaaaa!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Still Monday

Rock On


I'm not really feeling much like laughing today so I'll just fake it until I make it.

6 month check up for Baby Girl today. She apparently is growing wider than taller. She couldn't have been cuter even if they do think she is a little chunky.

She missed her nap and let me know she didn't like it when we stopped by Trader Joes. She actually does make me laugh a lot. 6 month olds are cute even when they are mad. :-)

I thought I was being such and awesome Mom by starting a meal in the crockpot this morning. I get to go out tonight so I thought I could give everyone a warm lunch since I know Dad will be giving them peanutbutter at dinner. Only the Big Guy would eat a little of it. Not even my husband ate it for lunch. I'm not sure why I bother.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Prayers for New Baby

Warning: Not a happy email.

I'm just feeling terrible for my friend. I've printed the message her husband wrote on a blog (deleting names). I don't know if this baby is going to make it, but either way it doesn't look good. I knew he was in the NICU and found out this morning at church it was much more serious than I thought. This is her third little boy and we have been anticipating his arrival for what seems like forever. My family drove out of town today and I had an hour coming and going in the car to just think about how sad a situation this is. Not sad - heartbreaking. With every child I delivered the first thing out of my mouth when they were born was "is he/she okay?" Truthfully, I think I said it frantically 3 or 4 times until I believed it. This is a nightmare come true. I know what it is like to prepare for a baby and not get to keep him. I keep imagining her going home to a house that is ready for a baby without him. No one deserves that grief...I shouldn't get so ahead of myself with worry.

I was glad to see pictures of the baby on the blog. It at least made me feel better to see them smiling and to see the brothers with the new baby. He will always be their precious little baby no matter what happens. I'm glad they have had this time with him. I passed along the message to make sure they get some photographs of the little guy. I think the nurses at her hospital are familiar with the organization Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.

Please keep this family in your prayers. Thank you.

[Baby G] was born at 9:44 pm on Monday, April 7th. He was 7lbs, 2.8 oz and 19 inches long at birth. He looks so much like his big brother -blonde hair and blue eyes.

[Baby G] was not breathing when he was born, and had to be resuscitated. He went straight to the NICU at [hospita]. We were able to go in and see him around 3 am--he was in an oxygen tent but was looking around, and even seemed to look at us.

[Baby G] made remarkable improvements from a respiratory standpoint, and was breathing on room air for a while. However, he began to have some neurological complications. [Baby G] was experiencing seizures, and based on the results of the first MRI and the EEG, [Baby G] was transfered to the NICU at [hospital]. [Baby G] suffered a catastrophic brain injury at some point during the pregnancy or delivery, caused by lack of oxygen. The injury is not localized, but rather encompasses both hemispheres of his brain. He is on anti-seizure medication now which also acts as a sedative, so he just stays asleep.

He is a sweet little baby; [A] got to wash his hair this morning and we both held him for a little while.

Update: 4/18/08 They have taken [Baby G] home so their two little boys can spend more time with him. He is not expected to live another week. The four year old is excited about his new baby brother and does not understand how sick he is.

Baby G: 4/7/08 - 5/3/08

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yard Clean Up and Randomness

Yesterday was yard clean up day for us. That mostly consists of mom and dad going around the house and yard finding all the naughty things the boys have done when they were supposed to be playing outside and we weren't looking. We found the usual: paper plates, large legos, piles of sticks, bricks that had been thrown and broken, dirt in my flower pots dumped out and lots of trampled flowers and plants. It is only the holes dug deep into the grass that ever makes Dad mad. :-)

You are looking at Hubby doing an amputation on a tree next to our house. We bought that tree when it was about 4 inches high for $4. There are two of them that were moved around our yard through out the years before settling next to our house (only because they are too big to move now). They are almost as tall as our house now.

Today, there was suffering from allergies from all that outside-ness yesterday. Except for me - I went to my office and got some work done uninterrupted. I had not been away from my children for at least a couple of weeks or more and was due some time alone. I work part time from home (although I have an office elsewhere). I manage financial accounts and do some bookkeeping among other things. I won't say anymore than that because my family and people closest to me have never been able to figure out what it is I really do. So, I have just learned not to bother trying to explain it.

I also went to the gym and grocery store. I spent 30 minutes in the medicine aisle trying to figure out how to conquer all allergy symptoms for Hubby in one pill. I came home to feed and put to bed my sweet Baby Girl and made an inadequate dinner for everyone. It was good - just not enough to go around. It is either feast or famine because I never know if the kids will decide to eat on any given day.

I'll leave you with my last thoughts. I hate planning meals and shopping for them as well. I hate putting groceries away and cleaning up after all the non stop meals. I really think I am going to wipe the finish right off of my table soon. I hate cooking. I do, however, love to eat.

Kindergarten Graduation

Getting ready for the cap and gown picture.

Pollen Count 3200

Yellow dust on our outside toy.

Bring on the rain. Poor Hubby and the Little Guy have eyes that are almost swollen shut from their allergies. It has been the two most beautiful days ever and I didn't want the kids outside too long. The azaleas, tulips and dogwoods are in full bloom (from what we can see from the window).

Friday, April 11, 2008

They are going too

Goodbye. Fly away.

What do I do with this guy?

My son's penguin is looking for a new home. Well, actually, I am looking for a new home for him and the Big Guy knows nothing about it. The crafts my children bring home from school and church are taking over the house. I have thrown away a lot of it and feel terrible when I have to trash it. I can't throw it away if it has Jesus on it! Oh, the guilt.

Above is the stack of papers I have collected from both boys this year. I will go through it this summer and save my favorite things. Hate to do it, but if I don't I will have a stack like that x 3 x 12 years. Okay, so they aren't making a lot of art as high school seniors, but you never know. Although it does not look promising for the boys at this point, there is still hope that Kate will be a famous artist.

What about the penguin? Really. How long do I have to keep him? I had to buy a package of tube socks and supplies for this creature so he was not cheap. I'm thinking that with Spring here this creature should exit our home. I will probably chicken out, put him in the boys' room and wait for his massacre. So sad.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Future Bowheads of America

I think I have been anti-bow most of my life. I assume she will be too so I am getting a jump start on the cutsey before she decides she would rather wear army boots like her brothers.

Annoying Banner

I'm messing around with my banner. I thought the other one was really annoying...until I saw this one.

I'll change it tomorrow.

Pinching the Sun

"Sit up. Sit up. All you have to do is sit up. Look at me. Please! Let's just do one picture and we will be done. Do you want to go inside? Do you? Please do what I ask. Don't touch your brother! Just sit next to him and don't touch him. I don't want wrestling in my picture. Come on! Open your eyes. Great smile, but open your eyes! Okay, don't smile and open your eyes. Look here, look here! Sit up. Forget it. I'm going inside."

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring Break Fun at Home: Day 3

It hasn't been a total loss for them.

This is at a local park. Thank you park-people for putting in a new bench and a big umbrella for me to sit under! Thanks also to the Mom that let her kid roll the huge mechanical jeep off the big rocks over and over. It was great entertainment for my boys.
I am not that cool of a mom - always concerned about losing eyes and cracking heads open.

Answers to your questions:

Yes, he does always wear that shirt.

No, I don't take my camera everywhere (almost).

6 Months and 1 week

This is the Big Guy a few weeks in age younger than Baby Girl is right now. He was a pro crawler by now. He was the typical first born overachiever walking at 9 months.

Not that I am trying to compare...I just think it is interesting.

Baby Girl can't even sit up on her own. I put her in the Bumpo seat and she slumps over to the ground trying to grab her toes. Or, she cries.

Things she can do: be really cute, play peek-a-boo with a burp cloth, kick her legs and bounce her bouncy seat up and down wildly, chew her big toe.

With the third child I am really glad she isn't crawling yet. Life is going to change soon when we have to be strict about scoping the floor for loose legos and marbles. We will have to be concerned with the stairs for another season of our lives.

I have mostly been encouraging her to just grow her hair so I think that is what she is concentrating on as of late.

First Dance

You really should take a look at this if you would like to smile:

Best First Dance

I'm going to go watch it again now...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Pray

I pray that the little guy will always love his little sister as much as he does now.
I pray that he never hurts her when he is lovin' her so much.
I pray that he loves her, yet doesn't still want to marry her when he grows up.
I pray that he learns what "personal space" means.

Felt Food

Apparently the Felt Food Craze is all the rage. I just don't have the time, energy or competence to do it. I should mention that anything that might possibly maybe require sewing scares me. I don't know if this actually takes sewing because I am too scared to look.

If you want to make it for me - I would LOVE it! That is unlikely so I will just enjoy looking at the picture of the Pop Tarts for now.

Spring Break

I'm dreaming of another place today.

I am lazy and don't want to do anything. I am burnt out from the 30 hours of work I put in over the last 3 days. It is Spring Break so I am home with all 3 kids every day this week without a plan in sight. The rest of the world is on a fabulous vacation or have sent their kids to be with their grandparents for the entire week. I've been thinking I might do something I never ever do: hire a babysitter for the day. I think I may be too lazy to even do that.

Note: I think this is Destin, FL. We usually go to the beach there or in Gulf Shores, AL.