Saturday, August 30, 2008

Much Ado About Sumpin

He will never admit it. I know that he has learned the word is something and not sumpin. I have already written about his speech evaluation here. I wonder if those mean speech ladies would still think his crazy speech patterns are developmental for his age? I won't endure the torture to find out. Only time will tell if he will stop saying "sumpin". He just won't accept that the number after two is not cree. And the fruit we had at lunch is a blueblerry to him. I'm always amazed at the extra consonants he can put in words. How did he fit a 'g' in that word? I find myself trying to imitate him and I can't do it. I don't care if he calls it a "blathroom" as long as he uses it.

I will never forget the day my father told me that I had a thumb and not a fumb. I didn't want to believe it. It seems like yesterday that I was staring at my thumb and wondering why he would say such a thing. I will be thankful that my Little Guy actually does say "thumb".

9/1/08 Update: He ran in the house and whispered in my ear "Three". "What" I said. "Three" he repeated over and over. Yeah!!!! He has learned and decided to say three instead of cree! Okay, 2 words fixed...1,300 more to go.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

...and carry a big stick.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Best Friends

I have a blog! I almost forgot.

Best friends are good to have. Star Wars is a lot more fun that way.

My Big Guy was separated from all his best buddies when he started first grade. Luckily we see a lot of them at church and saw even more at a birthday party last weekend. He makes friends fast so no worries there. I think he is doing okay overall at school. He gets a check by his name every day. We even pulled over before school to pray that he wouldn't get one this morning. Funny how wild little boys can really enrich your prayer life. He didn't get his check until after lunch so maybe that is progress. I hope his school isn't too strict for him. Most of what he is doing is typical first grade boy stuff. So far it has been making lots of noise in the bathroom or hallway and not sitting still. The worst thing he did was telling the teacher last week that he didn't care about her checkmarks when he got one. She probably had that coming. I'm not sure she can hand them out so easily and him care after awhile. I think I still prefer Kindergarten where they never told me what he was doing wrong until our conference.

The Little Guy will have his first full day of preschool tomorrow. I should probably be worried about that, but don't have that kind of energy left.

I wanted to title this as Wordless Wednesday. I don't know if I can get away with that on a Monday. Today was very long.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Skinny Santa Tiger

That is me on the far left. I had my hair pulled back because I was a serious artist on this day.

I went to a painting class with some friends. We painted our college mascot. My friend on the far right lied to all of us and told us it would be paint-by-numbers. We showed up with our wine, nuts and had to ask why there were blank canvases with no numbers on them. It took a little more wine to have the confidence to move forward on this project. We were rather proud of ourselves when it was over. The other husbands were very impressed and couldn't believe we did it by ourselves. My Hubby asked why my work of art looked like Santa Clause. I spent all my extra time making him look that way.

I like fluffy.

It must be because of my recent Slim-Down contest that I made him so skinny looking. I only realized that after I was finished.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wordless Wednesday Not Toothless Wednesday

Baby Girl rarely opens her mouth so you can see her teeth. This may be the only time you see her top teeth at least until they come in a lot more.
Bottom Teeth

Top teeth (look closely)

Monday, August 18, 2008

No Tea In My Bottle Please!

Baby Girl got her first invite a few weeks ago. She attended her first Tea for a little friend turning one. I think being the Southern Belle that she is there will be many teas in her future. She played with some new toys including a purple balloon. She pooped in her pants and fussed because she was missing her nap. She had a bow in her hair, though, so all was good and cute.

I have not successfully taught Baby Girl that Southern Belles do not show certain things when they sit down in a dress.

Her friend wants to be a supermodel when she grows up. Look at this pose:And look at this performance. I didn't know one year-olds actually ever dug into that cake like they are supposed to (like I would)!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cereal Squares and My Quest for the Gold

I've had a handful of this every morning this summer before I went to the gym. I love it. Unfortunately every one else in my house does too. I have thought about hiding it. We could eat a box a day and my goodness it costs more than gas! My Big Guy begs for it and I think I might start buying Lucky Charms so there is something else he will want more. I wonder if Michael Phelps knows about this?

I wonder what I would do if I had to eat 8,000 calories a day like he does? I really think I could do it easily if chocolate could be one of my major food groups. I have been working so hard in the slimdown contest and no trainer has suggested that I eat that much yet. By the next time the Olympics comes around I will be about Dara Torres' age. I have four years and think I can totally be ready for the next Olympics. I think Fun-Daddy (formerly known as Hubby) laughed at me when I suggested this. He said I would have to get in the pool tomorrow to start practicing and I think I don't really have to work that hard until next year. He reminded me that I don't have a good pool to use and I would hate it. He is right. If I were to be an Olympic athlete swimming is the way I would have to go. I hate to run, I'm not 7 feet tall for volleyball and gymnastics, well that is obvious I am sorry to say.

The slimdown contest is officially over. I have heard that my team is one of the contenders for the grand prize. They have not tabulated everyone's body weight percentage yet. If we don't win I hope we are 4th or 5th. I will be so mad if we come in 2nd place. I could have been more strict with the food so it will be my own fault (I'll still be mad). I had my body fat measured again by Uma. I lost inches everywhere and my body fat percentage did go down, so that is good. The category where I am had "plump" listed at the top of it. How insulting is that to work my fanny off and still be called plump? I could lose 10 more lbs but it isn't that important to me. My team is going to keep at it for another 12 weeks. I don't know if I can get out of bed at 5 AM when it turns cold.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

First Grade. Forever.

Is it over yet? It has been a long week. It is funny how unproductive I was. All of our lives have revolved around our Big Guy and his new schedule. Pizza in the lunchroom on Wednesday helped him to make it through most of the week and computer lab the rest of the week. He mainly didn't want to go to school because he wanted to stay home and play with his Legos. I told him Saturday would be his day to play and it was. He also went to see the new Star Wars cartoon, Clone Wars, among other things with Fun Daddy.

I went to the Parent Orientation for his class on Thursday and feel much better about things. I think I have the homework situation figured out. It made me feel better to know that other children were having a rough week as well so I knew it wasn't just us. The teacher was incredibly soft spoken and sweet. Not at all "yelly" like I was told. She has a Praise & Worship background and cares about the spiritual growth of all those little 6 year-olds so that makes me feel good. I talked to her afterwards to make sure she knew that my boy was new to the school and only went a half day last year. It has been a big adjustment for him. She said he was doing better as the week went by. I think he was too wiggly in the beginning (BOY). I asked her to help him and let her know he was scared of her and her check marks. She seemed surprised by that. I had big tears in my eyes and thought I would cry. I don't want to imply that it was at all insincere, however, do not be surprised if you see my name on the Oscar ballot next year. It was surely a great performance. I hope I bought some mercy for my poor boy.

I saw the teacher in the hall the next day and she said he was doing much better and having a great day. Whew.

I am behind on everything. Really. So, here are my pictures from Mother's Day. Actually, it is my Mother's Day gift that I only hung in the tree a few weeks ago. Really behind... The Big Guy's Kindergarten teacher helped him make this and they painted it with his fingers. Aren't teachers amazing? How do they come up with that stuff? Even if the teacher is not my favorite, I really admire all the things they are able to do. Teaching is not a gift of mine and I am always impressed by not only what they can do but the extra mile they take. It doesn't hurt that we have only had great schools and teachers that we have dealt with so far.

This is my little bird feeder. I have an extra stash of birdseed to refill it. Someone should have told me when the Little Guy spilled half of it on my kitchen floor that it was because there was a hole in the bag and not because he was goofing around. I did the same thing as he did so there isn't much left. I don't want to know how much of it Baby Girl has picked up off the floor and eaten. I'm glad birdseed is not on the list of no-nos for babies. No peanuts or strawberries in birdseed so I am good.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wrap Me In Ribbon

I love ribbon. It is like scrapbook paper to me. I collect it and never have time to do anything with it. It makes me happy so whatever.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Grade. Fourth Day

My First Baby (about the age Baby Girl is now - 10 months).

Before people gave him check marks by his name for not listening and doing homework too early.

Yes, I am over the top, but you are allowed to be with your first child (I hope).

The Big Guy technically has not completed today, the fourth day. I think he should be at P.E right now and really having a good time.

I thought I would update my poor neglected blog while I had the chance. There has been a lot of stress in our house this week. Nothing significant in the whole scheme of things but quite significant to a 6 year old and his (probably too) sensitive parents.

The Big Guy does not like his teacher. He says she is mean and bossy. Oh my. I have never heard him call anyone mean especially a teacher. He has had many non-warm & fuzzy teachers and loved them all the same. He also says she is "yelly". I think that means she yells a lot even though what he might mean is her tone of voice is not nice. I'm about as mean as someone can get so I'm not sure why this bothers him. I have not gotten to the bottom of things yet. He brings big workbooks home for homework with no instructions. That is very stressful for a type-A Mommy. She doesn't quite have her act together yet in my opinion. So, we pray for her. Pray and pray and pray. Please let the teacher have patience and find her way. Horror of horrors - he got a check mark by his name. It was almost what the end of the world must be like. I told him I would talk to her and he begged me not to "you will get in trouble too and I'll get another check mark by my name!" Little brother tore off the cover of one of his notebooks and Dad made sure it was taped by on perfectly so that didn't cause another check. I sure hope the snack I sent is healthy enough.

I went to his chapel this morning to eye her down. She looked very stern and my sweet little boy turned around several times to grin at me. I didn't see anything happen, but she moved him all the way down the pew next to her. Then, he ended up behind her with another teacher. Unless he was making noises I couldn't hear, I thought he was being very good. I have mentioned before that my standards have become low over the years. I mostly see the Big Guy in contrast to my Little Guy. With that comparison, he is VERY good. Very. Anyone would be good next to the Little Guy (who is constantly hopping and making loud noises). I don't know what is going on. I think the fourth day is a little early to make a big stink. I sent a very nice note to his teacher expressing some of my concerns. If she reads between the lines it says "be nice to my baby and help him!" He told me he wanted me to home school him because he missed me. I laughed because that is so unlike him to say something like that. He also told me this morning that I was 30 now and he was going to tell the whole school how old I was. I said "please don't!" and he thought that was so funny. I hope he does so they are all baffled by why I look so old. (And now you know the real reason why I had to tell him I was 20 for so long. He likes to tell everyone my age.)

The Big Guy was deciding what he wanted to do about the situation. He said he might have a talk with her and ask her to be "gentler and kinder." I hope he doesn't get another check.

Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day. First Grade.

This is the Big Guy on his first day of school last Friday. I must have forgotten "haircut" on my before school to-do list. He was excited and not at all nervous.

The backpack isn't really bigger than he is.

How do you like my Crepe Myrtle? Impressive in this close up shot don't you think? It is the only thing blooming in our front yard at the moment. I don't want to count the blooming weed growing up the brick on the front of my house. I used the excuse that it might be poison ivy and didn't pull it off. It would be a good excuse if poison ivy bloomed. I think I will work on the yard when Baby Girl is in First Grade and all my kids are in school all day. Just 6 more years to go. Here he is at his desk. He was kind enough to let me take his picture. I was the only parent still lingering. That is his pretty teacher in the background. This is her first year at the school and she was probably more overwhelmed than the rest of us. We worked hard for weeks on the Big Guy's reading list and book report. She said "what book report?"

Later that afternoon I managed to pick him up in the carpool line with my very specific instructions of "you'll see". I thought he would be wiped out, however, he insisted he was fine and said it was "more fun than work." He had PE and Computer Lab so I'm sure he thought he had died and gone to heaven. If we can work through the issue of lost lunch money it will have been a totally successful day.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Mac Daddy

Guess who in our family has the biggest Mac. And guess who is still working on that Mac. Now, guess who it asleep on the couch.

That is a Darth Vader mouse pad poking out. I don't know why. It just lives there.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Remembering the Rookie Mom in Me

This was Big Guy in his first preschool class. I think it was actually the last day because of the baby carrier holding my Little Guy next to him. That was way back when the Little Guy would sit still and not stick his lips out at me in an ugly face. It also led into the summer of destruction and concoctions by the Big Guy. You never new a 2 year old could cause so much trouble. Bubbles & sunscreen, lotion and powder, Spray-n-Wash and something. It was just the beginning of my carpet stains. You would think that it would have gotten cleaner, right? I remember how shocked I was when he first flipped his twin mattress and wrecked his room. It was such good preparation for my second boy.

The Big Guy starts his first day of First Grade in a new school tomorrow. Wish me luck. Hopefully I won't cry and make too big a fool of myself. We sat through the back to school preview this afternoon and I was emotional and trying to hold back the tears. It was mostly because of the Headmaster's words. She always says really moving things that make me want to weep. After about an hour of that I was over it and feeling hungry.

I've got to get to bed NOW. I have my last weigh in for the slim down contest tomorrow and I am hoping to magically lose 3 lbs overnight. It could happen.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Is it really Wednesday? Can I do this? My Hubby tried to convince me tonight that it was Thursday and now I'm not sure. I hope it isn't Thursday or that means I missed an important day at the new school.

We spent our day at the beach on a lake. The water was way down so it made it easier to watch all the kids. There are no words to describe how hot it was. Good thing this is "Wordless".

Now I must pay the price. I have to work.

So much to do...

Monday, August 4, 2008

A Six Year Old's Favorite Clothes

The Star Wars shirt doesn't bother me. Even when he wears it every day it doesn't bother me. I wore a red sailor suit every day when I was 6 years old. From what I am told, it was hard to get it off of me to even wash it. I doubt I have worn a halter top since. So, you see, I know that the Star Wars shirt will pass. I hardly ever wear that sailor suit now. The talking Shrek t-shirt I bought The Little Guy bothers me a little. What was I thinking buying a shirt that talks? Even if it was only $2 at Target, I don't need the extra aggravation. There is a button on it that makes Shrek say "Heeeyyyyy, thaaaatttttsssss greeeeaaattttt" in a very sarcastic way. It is so annoying and the worst part is that the Little Guy will play it after I tell him something. Imagine me saying something along the lines of "put your shoes on and we can go" and then you hear Mike Meyers' voice say on cue "Heyyyy, thaaatttsss greeeaaatttt." How much have I given up that I sent him to church camp wearing a shirt like that? I'm sure the nice Christian ladies were cussing me after they heard that 65 times.

Me in my sailor suit
The boat was not mine.

I didn't just wear my hair like that on the special occasion of our trip to Six Flags Over Georgia. I wore my hair that way every day. It had a certain Laura Ingals flavor, no?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Forty Something and No Cake

Fun Daddy

Today is my Hubby's birthday. He is so old we can't remember how old he really is. We never even made it out to dinner tonight. We are both wiped out. I took the kids to a swim party and brought them home along with two additional kids. One of said kids called me a liar and I will just leave it at that. My Mom came over to tell me how tired she was. I had no sympathy and tried to tell her so. I don't think she could hear me over the running and screaming children. At least she gets to leave and go to bed if she chooses. She can even clean up her house and it would stay that way. Yeah, no sympathy. I'm tired on my own without the kids waking me up at 4:30 am to let me know the power is off. I can only imagine that my Little Guy woke up and didn't see the little blue light on his CD player. They wanted to get the flashlights out and it was a lot of drama for them. They didn't seem to understand that they sleep in the dark anyway and it didn't matter.

We had a few days of nothing this week. I wanted the kids to be really bored by the time the Big Guy starts school (one week from today! Look forward to a weepy Oh how the years have gone by post next week.). We met up with friends, went bowling and swimming so it wasn't so boring after all. Except for the one day that we tried to walk to the library and check out a book. Doesn't seem hard does it? Maybe they were a little bored when they were on the deck coloring with markers one morning. The Little Guy stripped naked, colored his whole body, urinated in the grass and pooped on my deck. No, I wasn't watching them with my eyes, but I could hear the boyish chit chat outside and knew thought they were okay. Are my kids the only ones that do this stuff? My oldest for sure encourages this stuff and probably comes up with it. Then he tells on his brother when he does the deed. I have nightmarish visions of them being 20 and the Big Guy telling the Little Guy "Just go in and rob that liquor store. It will be funny." So he can call the cops while he is in action. Oh me. Anyway, my Hubby is the one that found the Little Guilty Boy and his present. I was feeding Baby Girl when he came back inside and told me. I was totally unfazed and I am almost positive that Hubby cracked a slight smile when he told me. I think deep down inside we were both really happy that it was on the deck and not on our carpet. Our poor carpet. I am so glad Hubby works from home so he can help me lift those 40 lb boys when needed and plop them in the tub for me. Little Guy's belly is still stained red, however, we are so happy that his private area is no longer green. Some markers were washable, some were not.

Happy Birthday, Hubby! You went from no orange shirts to 4 in one day. Does my family think alike for gifts or what? Too bad that is not your color. I promise to make you a big cake (right after my slim-down contest is over).

10 Month Old Twinkle Toes

She's a Maniac Maniac on the Floor

I tried BabyLegs again to protect her newly crawling knees that were turning red. You can read about what happened the last time I put these on her here.

My Baby Girl is 10 months old today. She has been overshadowed by Hubby and his birthday for the most part. I was flipping through her blank baby book yesterday and realized I have forgotten almost everything. By the time I get to filling it out in 2 years I really might not remember anything about what happened. So, I am going to put a few things here for my own benefit. A cheat sheet if you will. Feel free to read and be careful not to fall asleep.

At 10 months my sweet Baby Girl is crawling her funny little scoot-crawl all over the place. She moves fast and she now goes directly to the fireplace, computer cords and cookbooks. We can stand her up at a play table and she will play for 5 or 10 minutes before she sits down and crawls away. She doesn't usually pull up by herself because she has lots of places to go and many cookbooks she feels she needs to eat. I do find her standing every morning in her crib. She will cry with big tears streaming down her face and I don't know if she really wants someone to come and get her or if she got stuck in that position. She kicks, screams and laughs as soon as we walk out the door because she knows she will see one of the boys. If she is lucky, the Little Guy is right there pulling on her leg that hangs down. She can wave and say bye-bye (ba-ba). It seems a bit accidental at times, however, I am claiming it. She also likes to babble softly the usual da da da da. She looked at Grammy every time we asked where she was today. She and I love to put foreheads together and laugh at each other. She likes to play with my hair, necklace or anything around my neck. She loves to ride in the car, take a bath and painted nails on other people. She hates the exersaucer or anything that confines her. She goes to bed every night around 6PM without a fuss and her favorite foods are cheese and bananas. She is never unhappy if she is being held. Unfortunately she is about 19 lbs and gets heavy on the arms. And the best thing is that she still prefers her Mama and is always trying to look for me if she is with someone else. If she is like the boys she will be all about Fun Daddy soon!

Twinkle Toes is destined to be a Ballerina.