Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Edward

Only a good friend would go to the trouble to send me a chocolate creme-filled Edward for Christmas.

The packaging is much more enjoyable than a Cadbury creme-filled egg.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Greetings and Merry Christmas from Atlanta. It is minutes from Christmas and I am thinking of something clever Santa might say in a note to my boys to direct them to the basement. I don't know how Santa could do all he does and have a printer to print a message to them. Hubs says he is high-tech like the rental car guys that can print out something on the spot. Not that my boys have ever rented a car and will know this.

This is a view of downtown Atlanta taken a few days ago from a live cam. It is actually raining right now. I know this by the water running in the house from the leak over our front door. This shot shows the Coca-Cola museum. We took the Big Guy there for his 8th birthday. My Little Guy wants to go there for his 6th birthday as well because he does whatever Big Guy does and also he wants "to get a Coke." I told him there were many other places that I could buy him a Coke but he still wants to go. He told me on my birthday I should go to the Diet Coke Museum. I think that is a great idea.

And to all a good night...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

You didn't ask me about Halloween did you?

If you think I have neglected my blog for a long time, you should take a look at the pictures I download from my camera. I only download from the little one about once every 6 months. I find some nice surprises there.

So on to Halloween because that is what I am currently downloading...

I just wanted you all to know what might happen if you leave the room to change someone's diaper and your brand new pumpkin is left sitting on the kitchen counter.

Your 5 year old might get a butter knife and fork and carve it himself. He might put the evidence back in the silverware drawer and act like he doesn't know that anything is wrong.

And, you might just throw that whole thing right in the trash can and not even have a pumpkin that year.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Croc Change #2

Next Croc change coming up (it doesn't matter if it is her shoe or not).

Croc change #1

It is 9AM! First Croc change of the day!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Big Guy is 8

The Big Guy is 8 today. I can't believe it. We have had fun celebrating but because I don't download pictures for 6 months at a time, I am posting this hospital picture of him. Haha...first-time-Mom-me. I guess by the humongous size of me I assumed he would be gigantic and his clothes ended up being too big. Could we not afford a cuter hat? Did they not sell cute baby hats way back in 2001? He actually had a beautiful little head but I think the scary nurses wouldn't let me take one off of him EVER. I couldn't wait to get home away from those nurses so I could do what I wanted to do. He was as red as he looked here and was jaundiced by the time we got home. That is a whole 'nother story. Don't mention Billi Bed around me if you can help it.

Happy Birthday BIG guy. Eight is great.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

[Very] Happy Meal Toy

This toy keeps showing up in my house. I didn't see that movie and was quite disturbed to find it in my toddler's Happy Meal bag. You should see how it spins and vibrates. I did, however, like the way my friend spit her Coke out when I held it up to show it to her.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Agony of Sharing a Room

For whom you might ask? I think me but today is another story.

Big Guy - almost 8; Little Guy - almost 6; Baby Girl 2, Hubs - 45

(Back-story: Big Guy and Little Guy have been sharing a very large room for about 3 years now. Big Guy on the top Bunk and Little Guy below. Until the last year every night was a huge up-all-night-party. Now it is mostly a lot of fighting and throwing.)

Tonight's conversation with me and the Big Guy before bed was about how it would be "cool" if he had a neat desk and some other things in his room. I pointed out all the holes in the wall and furniture. I also mentioned the missing pictures around the room before I told him I wouldn't spend any more money on that room because everything gets trashed. I forgot to bring up the marker on the wall right where he sleeps on the top bunk. He asked for a trash can and I told him that he had one a few months ago and it was sat on and thrown around until it was crushed. He said "I bet if this was only my room I could have a trash can." I like the way he didn't mention the Little Guy even though that is who he was referring to. He proceeded to find a plastic sack and hang it on the drawer pull of his dresser as his trash can. He showed it to his brother and said the following:

BG: Little Guy, do you see this bag? This is the new trash can. If you mess it up at all you are in big trouble. I will move out if you do. Do you know what that means? To move out?

LG: Yes, you will move out of this room.

BG: That is right. I will be out of here.

LG: Where will you sleep?

BG: Probably with Mommy and Daddy in the Master Bedroom. I will move in there.

LG: The MASTER bedroom? (evil laughter) Why do they call it that?

BG: Because it is the biggest bedroom in the house and it will be big enough for me too.

Mr. First Born cleaned up the whole room (why he needed the trash bag) and when he was done the Little Guy only had to take a few clothes to the laundry room. Wouldn't you know that kid whined and tried to negotiate only taking half of them?

The end of this story is that those clothes are still there on the floor and we will continue this tomorrow. I would bet a ton of money that the trash bag will be ripped apart in the morning. Also, there is poop rubbed on the carpet. Will it never end?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Lizard for Halloween

Sticking her tongue out is her latest "thing". Lovely.

This is just a preview of Halloween. All three will most likely be dressed differently on the actual day.

I just got a pumpkin today. I almost missed out on it.

Do you have candy corn lights on your house?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Never Never Drop Your Pinwheel

Whatever it takes.

I got all three kids in one picture and not one of them was crying or screaming. Awesome. That is pretty much my low bar now.

"It is okay to do this if Mommy has her camera."

"Mommy is a genius for picking an icee the same color as my shirt."

Slacker's Disclaimer: Although the weather can be extremely nice down here in Atlanta, this picture was actually taken this summer.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fancy Pants

Baby Girl stirred things up at church last Sunday in her very fancy pants and her very thin ponytail.

My girl and Star Wars Legos. Something is wrong with this scene.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dear Baby Mozart, I don't care if you are not educational

Disney Offers Millions of Parents Refunds

My kids are so old now that they didn't even have these two when they were little. I don't care. I got my shower while Baby Mozart played and when I was pregnant with the Little Guy it was really a life saver. I thought I would die in the first trimester and it was pretty tough taking care of a (wild) 15 month old boy. When I could no longer do puzzles I could pop in one of these movies and doze for a little bit. That can't be any worse than when I couldn't stomach making him lunch and just opened the refrigerator door for him to go at it.

I might also add that Baby Mozart gave us a lot of laughs when that blue thing would stick out his tongue and make that funny noise. It made my boy laugh and that made me laugh.

If you would like to read more about the refund click here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Morbid Post of the Day

Visit for more oddities and people who need to put some clothes on.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Guess what I am saying

I really hope I am not saying "look at the camera." I bet that is what I was saying unless it was "go get Mommy another cookie."

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I don't know.

That is not my child on the left. My own children know I don't wear hats. Baby Girl is confused why she would even try that.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Baby Lazy-Boy

I got an extra car seat and it was like Christmas.

Finally she has a place she can relax and read her books.

And talk on the phone with Cookie Monster (of course).

We may never actually get this thing in the car. In case you are wondering, no she does not enjoy sitting in it in the car AT ALL.

Like most women, she is complicated.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Birthday Birthday


Birthday present.

Birthday dinner.
(Not one any more despite the finger she is holding up.)

Birthday popsicle (Popacle).

Thursday, October 1, 2009


The first time they all met. The Little Guy hasn't quit hugging her yet and boy is she mad about it.

I can't even believe that Baby Girl is 2 today. It has gone so fast and yet I can't imagine life without her being here. I so enjoy her bopping around my house with hair flying in her pink Crocs looking for a new bow. She loves to accessorize and doesn't even mind wearing her bib because it is an accessory for her. We start the day by looking for hats, bows and Crocs.

She has discovered the world of pinwheels. They are like a wand for her, I think. Just wait until we get her a tiara so she won't have to wear her brother's baseball hats anymore!

Her recent "thing" is to "colla" (color). With the piles of homework and school work we have she can easily sneak up in a chair and find something to colla with. We found black marker all over one of our baseboards today. We have moved into the territory of actually not knowing which child did it. I can only hope my oldest wouldn't (you never know).

That is a wipe. Another "thing". She likes to be clean and I don't mind.


It isn't that bad unless you can't handle goo. Trust me, it could have been much worse.

The first time WE met.

She is the same now as she was then. I can tell she is thinking "That Dora?" I just know it. It also looks like she wants to scream "HAPPY!" at me so she can listen to her favorite (I'm So Happy) music.

I would LOOOOVVVEEE another little baby girl. I wish I was younger and I could have the two boys 2 years apart and then two girls 2 years apart. However, as I looked through some of my pictures I was feeling so "HAPPY" that I was not pregnant, or just had a baby, or an extra 50 lbs and all the stuff that comes with having a newborn. Oh well.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Monday, September 28, 2009

And Kind. Don't forget Kind.

I found this on one of our tables. (Don't look at the mess in the room.)
I hope it came from the goodness of the Big Guy's heart and not a subtle hint for his parents.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Umen Mitt

The Big Guy back when he was little. I found this picture and remembered how fascinated he was with "umen mits". I think I might have actually been baking back in those days where he would see them a lot. I'm sure Baby Girl doesn't know what one is. She is too interested in her shoes anyway.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Wow. That picture is really small. Oh well. We are fine down here in Georgia. I can't say the same for a lot of people. A few miles away things are bad. We must be on a hill.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dreaming of the Beach

Not really. Today I am happy enough to be lazy at home and not do anything. I would like some more of that chocolate ice cream, though. It I had it I wouldn't share with Baby Girl this time.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No Title Because I Can't Think of One

The good news is that I found my little camera this morning. I most definitely will download all my summer pictures from it at least by week after next. If I get around to it, that is.

That bad news is that the picture you have to look at now is from May 2005 (I am totally guessing). It is Jane Fonda at the Fox Theater. I think this is my first celebrity post and possibly my last (unless you count my ramblings about the Bachelorette...and did you see that guy had a girlfriend(s)!!!!!).


Friday, September 4, 2009

I know about the white shoes but not sure about popsicles

Posting a few summery pics before Labor Day gets here. Is it okay to post Popsicles after Labor Day?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Come out, Papa Smurf

Look at these mushrooms. Weird.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Still here

Hi. It is me. I am still in the world.

This is just a post to let you know I am alive using the only picture I had on my desktop. I haven't downloaded pictures of my own kids in over a month. TERRIBLE. I know. When I do I can make up for lost time and post 15 times in one week.

Lots of life going on here - trying to keep up with it. :-)

My husband told me tonight that next year when our oldest is 9, he will be half way through his time living with us in our house (theoretically, right?). I started crying. It was really eye-opening for me.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Thank goodness I don't have to say anything.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to the Real World

Who knew 7:30 AM could be so bright for a little guy. When I look at this, I think "why didn't I give them a haircut before they started school?" Now I am wishing I had taken more pictures of the Little Guy since it was his first day of school (Kindergarten). I have a few but wish his eyes were open.

Things are going swimmingly well (as my 11th grade History teacher used to say). We are very blessed to have two great teachers this year for the boys.

Baby Girl has started Parents Morning Out. On her second time there she got a violation notice for "scratching and pinching". I really thought she was going to be the sweet one.

Oh well.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

We All Scream

for Ice Cream

You know where that that cone is going to end up, don't you? I can only imagine what he is saying to her.

How do you like the green Crocs? Totally got my money's worth out of those shoes. He will wear them until they are completely dead. There will be no passing them down with the toes busting through and strap missing off one back. The pink Crocs are way too big for her but make it easy for her to put them on herself. I need a break after the 8th shoe change of the day and need her to do it herself. She also wears the green Crocs around the house. She isn't too picky about her shoes as long as she has a variety to choose from.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fat A and my Facebook Issue

So here is an interesting little story for you. My High School reunion just recently passed and I skipped it for many reasons. I was happy enough to see pictures on Facebook. It was good to see some people and many of them I just didn't remember at all. My class was over 600 so I may not have known many of them then and certainly don't now. Most of the boys look like my Dad. Sad.

One of the guys I see commenting on pictures on FB is this guy that used to pick on me a lot in 8th grade. I was new and he would do really dumb stuff like turn my desk around before I got into class. I think that was probably the worst thing he did. If I had been a hot (or even cute) 13 year old I might look back and think he was trying to flirt with me. He was not. He wasn't really cute at all but fancied himself a real cool guy. I should add that he was a bean pole and maybe his height gave him some advantage to his so called coolness? I don't have any specific memory of him in high school so I guess we never crossed paths. Anyway, I was pretty pleased to see him in this picture below:

Austin Powers keeps coming to mind.I don't know if that is a hat, wig or real hair (for both pictures of both men).

So here is the rest of the story. This guy sees me commenting on mutual friends' pictures and even makes the comment back to me "yeah, we missed you, Lisa." Huh? Do you even remember me, Fat Bastard? It gets better. He sends a friend request to me. What? He surely doesn't remember me if he thinks we are friends? I waited for about a week and thought about it. I didn't really want to be his friend even though comments indicate he may be a changed man. I decide I am curious and don't want to be the person that holds a grudge over something that happened so long ago and accept. His profile wasn't interesting at all. No personal pictures or information so really - what is the point.

It gets even BETTER!

Today I realized (I don't even know how) that he has Un-friended me! What the...

So I ask you, what is that all about? Did he take a look at my stuff and un-friend me? Did he remember me and get the heck out of Dodge? I hope so.


It just makes me so happy.

Stop the car! I just wish I was there right now. :-(

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My unique NY purse

My unique fake Coach purse and wouldn't you know - I know the only other person that has one. I went to her house and she also has the same dining room and bedroom furniture. Thank goodness only you know that, though.