Monday, June 30, 2008

Destruction of my Home #2,410

A pre-child purchase of ours was a big over sized leather chair for our family room. It is an okay chair with a matching ottoman. It is made out of a really soft leather that shows marks and a lot of distress. That is fine. However, had I known that one day I would have little boys that would use their fingernails (or Tinker Toys) to scratch Tic Tac Toe games into my chair, I would have reconsidered. Very annoying...

What is more annoying is when they scratch their name into the chair and then lie about who did it. Uh, boys, I recognize your handwriting! They have not become so clever that they forge another's name on the chair. Yet.

And if that wasn't bad enough...

I had to go behind the chair to clean something (shocking) and found this lovely picture scratched into the backside of the chair.

It has probably been back there for a long time, but I don't clean too often as you can imagine. I work hard to buff out the stuff on the arms of the chair.

This one is not coming out.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Baby Boy

I love to see little babies sleeping so peacefully.

This is my new buddy that I met for the first time yesterday. He came a little early and I am glad because his Mama wasn't feeling good. He is just perfect and doing great. His Mom is my mirror with Two Girls and a Baby Boy. She will get to learn new things just like me.

He was a little thing to me even at 8 lbs. Baby Girl was a big fat fuzzy giant next to this little guy. I enjoyed holding and being with him. I didn't notice when I got home that I called my daughter "Baby Boy" by accident. The Big Guy was there to correct me. She's a Baby Girl, Mommy." It sure is easy to fall back in to old habits!

I'm hoping he sleeps this well at night over the next few weeks so his Mom can recover and get some rest herself.

You Be The Judge

Hug or Headlock?
Either way, she is going down.

Murder in the House

A massacre took place on my kitchen table this morning.

Rest in Peace,

I had placed him on our kitchen table last night while I cleaned his home in our windows above the kitchen sink. I suppose that makes me an accomplice because I should have known his demise was inevitable. The Little Guy pulled him apart piece by piece as soon as they were left alone together after breakfast. It was not pretty and the Big Guy cried when he found him and said his brother had killed his most precious and special school project (there is a tendency for drama in all of our children). When he got over it the Little Guy threw the pieces away and we have returned to our regular lives.

In 2 years the Little Guy will be in Kindergarten and I will send in another tube sock and bottle so he can bring home Bird 2. It seems only natural that Baby Girl should have a shot at him.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

While we are on the subject

While I am on the bath scene, I thought I would post a few more from the real bath tub (we do have one!). I thought my readers reader might like the fanny pic, however, I don't want the Internet pervs to stalk me so I will delete in a few days.

She is so fun here. It has been 3 1/2 years since I had a baby and forget all the firsts and how fun it is. It is funny to watch her get so excited about bath water. Very sweet.

Friday, June 27, 2008

A Quick Dip in the Sink

This was a lot more fun than any of us anticipated. Especially when she started crawling out. She was splashing water everywhere. It was okay. I needed to clean my floors and the big window above my sink anyway. She gave me the motivation I needed. Hopefully this will be the only picture I ever post of my sink. So while I am here, I want to add for my Hubby that he hates this sink. Hates it. Will go on and on about how awful it is. Me? I have other things to worry about. I guess we all have our hot points.

I like Baby Girl's water shots because I can wet her Mohawk down.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I told them it would happen

I told those boys it was just a matter of time before she was getting in their stuff. She scooted and rolled until she could pull things off the bookshelf.

Everyone, pick up Legos!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Yes, the straps on her highchair are just as dirty as pictured. It won't be too long before this is the only place (strapped in) that I can get a picture of her smiling, non-moving face. She is on the go and getting stuck under things these days.

For the first time ever

I cut a blueberry into 8 pieces.
I tied a knot in a rubber band (at the request of the Big Guy who brought me a book with diagrams of knots in rope in case I couldn't figure it out).
I had carrots sneezed all over me (you would think it would have happened before now).
I bought a heart monitor (that makes me sound like I have a problem, doesn't it?).
I made a three bean salad (with 5 beans, but who is counting?).
I read my camera manual (there is some good info there!).
I told my Hubby he could not eat a whole box of Bagel-fuls ever again.

Expects to Be Expecting One Day

Heather demonstrates a maternity wrap and Sarah is thinking "but I'm not pregnant!"

I went to a photography workshop last week and it was so much fun. It was a nice break to be away from home by myself and I learned a ton. It was about many different aspects of a photography business including marketing and even framing. I also got to have dinner with a good friend from college that I have not seen in 4 years. The two of us once spray painted a wall with our names and a few fish. It was very unlike us to do that even back then. This time we were much more tame with our baked chicken and a 6 year old's fashion show. I still have a lot to learn about little girls...

The Crew

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Cow Says

Bzzzpeek is a cool website your kids might love. It has recordings of children's voices imitating the sounds of vehicles and animals in their native languages.

Feel Free to Pay Me, Kraft

These are so good. My Aunt and I were pondering the idea when I was in Florida. I was at the store and decided I would buy some for her. Mmmmm. I think I like the plain better than cinnamon. Unfortunately, these work against the new Gluten-free diet plan I am trying to set up for the Little Guy and myself.

It reminds me of: Being pregnant with my first child and still working full time. The lady I worked for (and still do) would bring me a huge bagel stuffed with cream cheese every morning. And every morning I would eat the whole thing and wash it down with OJ. It is no wonder that I gained 55 lbs, right? The really sad thing is that with my second pregnancy I watched what I ate more closely and was more active with a 15 month old. With all that extra work and no daily bagel, I gained 50 lbs. Which leads us to my theory of "your bodys gonna do what its gonna do." Now I wish I had gone ahead and had more bagels ice cream.

Monday, June 23, 2008

BG and Her Peeps

Groovin' to the music on a Saturday night.

(Brothers were running wild and could not be photographed.)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saving Gas

And because I do know how to post pictures of something other than Baby Girl, here are a couple of boys thrown in. This is before we walked to get pizza for dinner last week. We saved at least $0.50 on gas by walking. Too bad we spent $35 on dinner. Baby Girl was too cute with her head bobbing along on the ride. It was my job to walk behind the wagon and make sure she didn't fall out. She ate pizza crust and fruit puffs throughout dinner. When we were leaving Hubby pointed out that most of it was on the floor. I told him it was more entertainment than nutrition. The Little Guy cried on the way home "next time I am going to ride in the minivan..." I don't know why he was complaining (other than that is what he does). It was Hubby that was pulling 100 lbs uphill. I think he was too out of breath to complain about it. I would have told him the exercise was good for him if he had not been for a run a few hours earlier.

Poor Dad. He took both boys camping in the woods last night. I can't imagine the work it must have been. Luckily the boys have lots of practice going potty outside. I'm glad it isn't in our backyard for once.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Find Two Teeth

See if you can find Baby Girl's two teeth. She doesn't show them very often. This is your chance because you never want to feel for them. She bites hard!

She was telling me a big story here. It must have been a good one. I wish I knew what she was trying to say. It probably involved eating a Gerber Wagon Wheel or putting up with one of her brothers.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Learning to Crawl - Baby Girl Style

A little help from Dad.

And she is over. Woops. Rolling everywhere might be easier anyway.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Travel Map

Make yours @

I'll be traveling to another state by the time you read this. Unfortunately, it will be one that I already know too well. I'll be at Heather Bookout's Studio having lots of fun. It will be my first trip away from Baby Girl so wish me luck. Or rather, wish my Hubby luck.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Curious Questions

I was in the car about 4 times with my boys today. Here are some of the more interesting questions that I got from them (that I can remember). Keep in mind that they were not in context of any conversation we were having. They were just random questions thrown out to me. My Big Guy especially talks a lot and asks most of the questions. It is exhausting. The Little Guy would rather suck his thumb and when he does ask a question it tends to be one that he already knows the answer to (i.e. "are you wearing a red shirt?").

Can I put a big [sic] right here for the list? Some may look like typos, however, I tried to phrase it as they did:

Why are some droids red?
When will the world start over?
Will I be alive in 1999?
What country was Jesus from?
Can I have a 3-day playdate?
Why do your lips look funny?
Do Ladies wear lipstick?
Are you a lady or a woman?
Can you catch up to that car and see what state the license plate is?
Are you speeding?
How fast is speeding?
Is there a real Diet Dr. Pepper?
Is there another word for shirt that has shirt in it?
What states have I been to?
What is the biggest thing?
Why are there so many banks?
Is plutanamous a real planet?
Do you know what I dreamed last night?
Why don't all cars have a tire on the back?
Why do I have to wear "sunscream" when there is no sun?
How long does it take to get to Australia?

I'm almost relieved when I can just say "I don't know." I'm just as glad to get a yes or no question as well. I offered up "blouse" and "top" for the other word for shirt and he got really frustrated with me. I still don't know what he was talking about. If our Lego friend was here, she would go home and do research on all of these questions and send a detailed report via email for me to go over with my children. Go here if you have lots of time on your hands and want to ponder various Lego storage options.
Other notes of today:

I took the Big Guy to the uniform store for school clothes today and he asked the 14 year old helping us if she was married. I don't think he was trying to pick her up. He then asked if she had any kids. When she replied "no" he told her she should and she should have 3 of them. "I come from a family of three and there are two boys, one 4 and the oldest is 6 1/2 - that is me. There is also a girl that is zero years old and her name is [Baby Girl]."

I actually said this to the Little Guy today:
"If you put your tongue in her mouth you will go to Time Out."
I would like to add that I just hate picking up Baby Girl and finding that she has so obviously been licked upside her head.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

To Did List

Things I did today from 9AM-12PM:

Kids dropped off at door of camp easily
Drove home with music (Rick Springfield?) playing loud
Answered my cell phone
Made lunch plans
Parked car and pulled 3 weeds
Watched Ants
Fixed flag
Got Mail
Told Hubby he needs a new flag
Played with Baby Girl
Worked on 3 Accounts for my j-o-b
Sat Baby Girl back up to sitting position
Cleaned 3 windows
Moved Baby Girl to new Toy
Looked at mail
Threw Junk Mail away
Waved at Baby Girl and did silly talk to her
Fixed Diet Dr. Pepper - needed the caffeine
Picked Baby Girl up
Cleaned outside of front door while holding baby
Threw dirty clothes in Washer
Scanned house for dirty clothes not in laundry basket
Started washer
Played with Baby Girl
Fed Baby Girl 3 fruit puffs
Took one picture of Baby Girl outside
Changed diaper
Rocked Baby Girl and put her down for nap
Ate gluten-free cereal (it was good!)
Took out trash
Worked for 10 minutes more on computer
Checked email and replied to one
Took picture of random thing for blog
Threw away not-so-cute artwork by boys from VBS
Put camera battery in holder for charging
Cleaned out camera bag
Looked at camera manual for 5 minutes
Attached new tag to tennis bag
Looked for receipt
Put receipt in shoe box for return
Put wet clothes in the dryer
Paid bills
Deleted old emails
Reconciled bank accounts for the school
Reset the Dryer so it would stop beeping
Restocked the bathrooms with T.P.
Went to pick up the boys from camp

I thought I would list it and decide later whether I was productive or not. Can you tell I do not have a lot of focus? I do lots of things and none of it very well. I should have read magazines and eaten bon bons.

My Own Personal Care Bear

Care Bear!
Her Care Bear is at her Feet. There are two of them that were the Little Guy's when he was a baby. He has never touched them or liked them. She loves them!
Fake Lips

Care Bear books taste good.
(not the 1st picture of Baby Girl with a train as a backdrop)

Midnight in My Garden

If you like John Cusack and/or 80's music, you will get a kick out of this video.

That Bossy is so funny and I am going to totally make a movie like that when I get all three kids (or at least two of them) in school and clean my house and finally get caught up on work. Oh, and I have two gift certificates for spa days that I need to cash in as well. But right after that I am going to make a movie for YouTube. Cusack was my first pregnancy crush. I think I watched all of his movies in the 4th month. I'm glad I'm not the only one that watched Pushing Tin (twice).

I'm really going back now. If I had the time and had already made my Cusack movie, I would also have added In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel playing on my blog.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Shaking Mom's Martini

Shake it like a Polaroid Picture

Drinks To Go

The boys are in camp this morning. Let's go, Baby Girl.
Time to go out and have some fun.

(and by fun I mean the grocery store)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Two Great Dads:
My kids' Dad (I almost typed Baby Daddy). I suspect they won't know how lucky they are to have such a great Dad for a long time. I thought a snow picture was in order with it being so terribly hot outside this weekend.

I'm glad I had such a great Dad and am missing him today.

Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be Cowboys.

The 70's wallpaper is spectacular!

Mexican Duck

As promised, another Mexican Sombrero picture.


See the bracelet the Little Guy is holding in the first picture? That is one of the groovy bracelets he made at the camp he went to. He stood in line a long time so he could give one to Donald. We didn't expect him to fit it over his big Duck Hand and wear it all day. I don't think he had pockets in his shirt either (why doesn't he wear pants?). Little Guy really wanted him to have it and that is sweet so we let him go for it. The bottom picture is him trying to give it to Donald. Mr. Duck would look at it and then give it back. Little Guy would give it again...same thing. This went on a few times. Finally I went over and tried to explain to Mr. Duck that the bracelet was for him and he should keep it. So, then he handed it to the Big Guy. It is not easy talking to a Duck. Maybe Disney has some policy I don't know about that characters can't accept gifts, but come on! I can't imagine women are throwing their underwear at them or offering real jewelry, but who knows. He could have tossed the plastic bracelet behind him in the woods for all I cared - just don't give it back. I tried to give it to his "helper" the photographer and he was a dufus too. He acted like he didn't know what to do. The Little Guy was kind of upset about it so finally we just walked away and Dad gave him a big talk about how it is the thought that counts and it was more important that he wanted to give it, blah, blah blah. I don't think he will be scarred for life. Time will only tell, of course.

Lessons to learn: Speak Spanish to Mexican Donald and maybe he will understand or just don't give anything to him in the first place to avoid total confusion.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vacation Part 3: Epcot

I thought I would share my lovely Husband's picture of us with you. He normally is a great photographer and I will confess that I am the one that suggested moving out of the sun (as I did all day long). We will just blame this on the little decrepit camera. Do you like the big pyramid coming out of my head? Nice touch, don't you think?

Epcot was great. It wasn't crowded at all. We didn't have to wait long for anything we wanted to do. And the Baby Care Center was wonderful. I intended to spend a lot more time there, but the day got away from us. We learned that the Big Guy really loves Asian buildings (who knew?) and Snow White is a lot whiter at Epcot.I suspect it might be Alice (in Wonderland) in a Snow White wig. She had the same English accent. At least I hope it is a wig. I would hope she wouldn't cut her bangs that short to work at Disney. She was sweet when she called Baby Girl "princess". We had never had one of our children called "princess" before that day. I'm sure Baby Girl scratched her with her scary sharp fingernails. I hope they pay Snow (as I like to call her) well because it was terribly hot to be in that costume having to be friendly to so many people. I wonder if her Prince has to tell her to "be nice" after a long day at the park?

Our friends met us for some beers in Germany AND in Italy. Our very cultured children chose to eat in *America* and we had to sprint to catch the last ride of the day. Disney workers surrounded us and just stood there as we relaxed on benches after it was all over with. It was their silent intimidation that finally drove us out of the park.

Thelma & Louise and friends

It isn't the most flattering picture, but we howled after taking it. We had to chase this clone trooper down to get this shot. He wasn't very willing. I told Louise it was a good thing she had 17 years experience and a long arm. An amateur could not have pulled it off.

Always the good multi-taskers, we now have our T&L picture representing our MGM trip and the first with my new baby (still new at 8 months!). I don't know who the guy is in the back. I should have had his hat to keep from getting sunburned. I am a true redneck now.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Hurry! Run and get your picture made with that thing before we have to stand in line! What is that thing? I don't care, just hurry!

I hate it when I get red eye in my pictures.