Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cardboard Testimonies

I just saw this video again on one of my favorite blogs and was so glad to be reminded of it. My Mom sent it to me originally via email and I never played it. So, she made me watch it at her house over Memorial Day Weekend with some other people. I'm glad I can watch it in the privacy of my own home now so I can cry all I want.

I also cried this morning in the Gym's big theater room watching The Bucket List. I don't know if that is even a movie most people cry over. I was alone in the room so I sniffled quite a bit. I hope I was in that dark room alone. It was depressing. Normally I see an hour of the middle part of a movie every morning. Never the end and certainly never the beginning. I arrived late today and got to see the end of this one. Lucky me.

Back to this video. It has nothing to do with the gym or sad movies. Sorry for the digression. I hope you will watch (or rewatch) it all the way to the end. It is really touching.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Birthday. Where is the party?

"Where is the party going to be" my Big Guy asked me on the morning of my birthday. I couldn't get away with staying 29. My Big Guy insisted that I must be 30 now. I'm hoping he will forget and I can go back. I have been that age for 8 years and I am really comfortable with it.

I did get my chocolate cake after all. Hubby made it for me while I took a nap in the afternoon. Does it get any better than that?

We are constantly striving for better table manners in our home.

I reluctantly shared my chocolate cake with others. There is only one piece of cake left and I plan on having it this morning.

Presents were opened. My Aunt and Mother were very good to me. I really love looking at my new laminator that is on my kitchen counter. I need to use that thing...

Perhaps I could laminate one of my favorite cards:My friend said this looked just like me and my boys. I cant disagree with her except for the cat. Hubby is allergic so there better not be one in our house.

We went to the park to sweat.

This is the absolute closest I will ever get to having them all look at the camera at the same time. I might as well go ahead and order my Christmas cards today. Do you think Baby Girl will grow bigger in the next 4 months? My relatives in Alabama will never know.

We went to my favorite Pizza joint for dinner. Here is the Big Guy sipping a Sprite and waiting for the goods. I spent most of the time feeding Baby Girl. If food is not available, she is always happy to eat my Vera Bradley strap.

It was a good day. I hope all my future 30th birthdays are this happy.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sprout Design

This Sprout Design fabric is cute. It looks like a paper design I might buy and just look at for a long time because I never get around to doing anything with it. I got a laminator for my birthday. I wonder if I could laminate it? You might think a laminator is a random gift. I asked for it and have big plans if I can figure it out.

Monday, July 28, 2008


I didn't know what to call this and that is what it feels like. I have learned of the 4th woman this summer losing her baby. It is heartbreaking and I wish I could take the grief away from these women. I would put a link to their blogs, however, it is still fresh for two of them and I don't know if they would appreciate that right now.

A blog I came across recently is The Pipers and it covers how to help a grieving friend. She had a stillborn baby and conveys how complicated grief can be. You want to talk about it and you don't want anyone to ask you about it.

I will go about my nonsensical blogging and posting of happy Baby pictures because that is what I do. However, I wanted to at least publicly acknowledge these ladies and ask you to say a special prayer for them. I have been thinking about them non-stop and remembering my own little baby that was lost.

Nothing said to me changed anything or made me feel better when I went through this. One thing that made me stop in my tracks and think was when a friend told me to remember that God knew what it felt like to lose a child. He feels that pain. He doesn't just sympathize with you. That is so true and He is probably the only one that can get you through such a difficult time.

Also, I know Mck Mama won't mind me posting her blog site. She is in the hospital in a desperate situation trying to save her baby right now. She asks that you get on your knees now and please pray for her unborn baby. I have been praying all day and it isn't over.

Jeremiah 1:5: Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I
appointed you as a prophet to the nations."

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The BIG 3-0!

Today is my birthday. I'm not sure what the day will hold and hope I can get some pictures of me and my little trophy children (just kidding). Until then, I will have to post this picture from last year. You might be able to see my big belly hanging down holding Baby Girl inside. I had only gained 20 or 30 pounds at that point so I think I might still be recognizable. Chocolate cake is in the corner of the picture and the boys are eating my candles like they always do. Sometimes they stick them back in the cake which makes for a very gross cake. I love chocolate so I usually eat it anyway.

I have been 29 for years and years now. After The Big Guy told his entire preschool one year that his Dad was 42, I made sure he understood that Mommy was only 29. This year he has figured out that since I have been 29 all year I must be turning 30. He said something last week about me being 30 and I had to correct him "Mommy is still only 29!" He said "Oh yeah, it isn't your birthday until Sunday." I told him I might just stay 29 so we will see if he lets me get away with that.

Yesterday I was out of town visiting a friend and this morning I will be teaching my Sunday School class. Very badly I might add. I have no business teaching or leading anything especially when it is about parenting issues. I can't see that the things we are doing with our four year old are very effective so if nothing else maybe I will make everyone else feel better about their own situations! I think he will get better. We should just stop feeding him so much candle wax.

For my birthday I would like for the cricket residing in my car to please leave. The boys brought home boxes from camp on Friday each containing one cricket. Neither cricket made it to our final destination despite my pleas from the front of the car to not take the tops off of their boxes. Andrew-the-cricket is somewhere chirping in my car (maybe he is dead by now and that would be sufficient for my birthday present). The other cricket was named after The Little Guy (he does have a real name) because he names all of his little friends after himself. We believe this cricket may or may not have escaped in the home of Grammy and her awesome rooster. I didn't bother to let her know because she is hard of hearing anyway and I don't think he will bother her.

There is a good chance that I won't have chocolate cake this year. My slim down challenge I signed up for won't hold me back. I am just too lazy to bake one for myself. I don't think the guys in the house will get around to it and Grammy is traveling out of town today. That is probably a good thing because I am feeling like I could eat the whole thing myself if I had it.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Baby Girl Turns Two With Too Many Clowns

I meant the original Baby Girl. That would be me. I was just as demanding as the current version.In honor of my upcoming birthday, I have posted for your enjoyment pictures of my 2nd birthday party. There was a clown/circus theme. Note the slumped over clown next to me and the matching blue dress that is being held up. I must not have been talking very well at 2 because apparently I was unable to express how scary clowns are to me. I wonder how many nightmares I had about that clown sleeping in my room. The last pictures looks like I may be waving to get some anyone's attention. "SAVE ME" I might be trying to say if only I did not have that mouthful of cake. More evidence that I couldn't speak (or that my parents paid no attention to me) is the white cake. I'm so glad that even my 4 year old knows a cake for me could only be chocolate.

How do you like that rooster in the top picture? I bet it isn't the first time you have seen one of those. The scary thing is that after about 30 something years and 10 moves, that rooster is still currently hanging in Grammy's kitchen. It is dreadful. I don't even think it can be considered retro. She completely renovated her kitchen and has the cutest furniture and yet that rooster hangs right by the kitchen table so you stare at it while you eat. Not as bad as the clown, though. She sold the above kitchen table at a yard sale about 5 years ago. Progress.

Butterfly Kiss

Friday, July 25, 2008

Killed by Caffeine

I just found out that it would take over 200 cans of Diet Coke to kill me. That is good information to know. I'll just keep drinking up because I have not come close to that number (yet).

I was 98% caffeine free before Baby Girl arrived. Now, I need it to function. One day I'll be caffeine free again, but not while I am getting up at 5AM. If it were not for my dear friend, caffeine, I would have most definitely taken at nap at 10AM yesterday (it did not save me from a nap at 3PM). These days my drug of choice is Diet Coke. I have all but abandoned my old friend of many years, Diet Dr. Pepper (especially the caffeine free version). I never make coffee at home, however, I jump at any opportunity to get a free cup elsewhere (Thank you, Trader Joes!). The best thing is unsweet tea with Sweet-n-Low. Ahhhh. I tend to make decaf at home and drink large quantities of the regular when I go out to eat. I should mention that I am awake a lot of nights with my mind racing because I overdid it on tea. It is a vicious cycle.

More to know than you wanted and I might suggest you get a cup of your own coffee to wake up after reading this. If you are still there, take the test above and make sure you haven't overdone it with your lattes.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Get your toe out of my daughter's mouth

Poor Baby Girl

I had a meeting this morning and left Baby Girl in the big church nursery. I drop her off at church once a week in the infant nursery where other kids are not able to lick or poke her. I once left her in the Gym's childcare where they called me back to get her 20 minutes later. Other than that, I have never left her anywhere other than at my Mother's house or with Hubby. So, I just dropped her off today and didn't look back for fear of what I might see. She didn't cry or scream so it was easy except for seeing the room full of bigger kids. When I picked her up an hour later she had snot all over her face (hopefully hers) and had drooled all over her shirt until it was soaking wet. She was sitting on the floor on top of a pile of wooden train tracks with big kids all around her. The workers tried to tell me some so-called funny story about how she tried to bite one of their toes. I am still a little horrified by that. It was probably because they didn't feed her and she was starving. I always pack more than enough food for her where ever we go because sometimes we end up staying out longer than planned. So, no reason not to feed the poor child. Even my Mom and Hubby can't get the feeding thing right. You HAVE to feed her a few times a day. Not hard, and necessary.

My Hubby will watch her for me sometimes during the day so I can just go quickly pick the boys up or drop them off somewhere. More than once I have returned home to find her standing up at a play table holding on for dear life. She is just now pulling up to that position on her own. For the last few weeks he would stand her there and then he might go to the other room for a conference call. She just hangs on for dear life like she is hanging off the side of a cliff until Mommy gets home to find her. Both of the boys get upset with him if he ever does that with her. The Little Guy will grab her around her waist and sit her down before scolding his Dad. I will be going away all day Saturday and hope the poor Baby Girl survives without being neglected. I mostly hope they feed her while I am gone.

I can't be so harsh on everyone else without telling on myself. I just removed her from eating my cookbooks (don't laugh that I have cookbooks). As I was putting her down for her nap I noticed something hanging out of the corner of her mouth. It was a very very small piece of a Lego Storm Trooper or so I thought. Under further investigation it is actually an antenna for a Lego Police Car. Either way....whew.

This is going to be hard. Last time I had a baby my oldest was barely two so we didn't have such tiny things to consider. Some of the Legos are so small they would probably pass right through her. Poor Baby Girl is a scavenger under the kitchen table looking for antenna to eat.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Two Hundred

Two Hundred Markers in his pants? No.

Two Hundred Days since I last dusted? Maybe.

Two Hundred Posts since I started this blog? You bet.

This is my 200th posting. I'm too tired to even muster up an exclamation point or an insincere "woohoo".

Since I began a few things have changed. The Little Guy is no longer pooping on the carpet or rubbing it into things. I just knocked on wood so hard I hurt my knuckle. He is just as difficult to manage as ever. He has learned to say "I don't love you" when he is mad at us. I especially like it when he throws in "I only love [Baby Girl]!" The Big Guy lost a lot of teeth and graduated Kindergarten. He has also developed a big bad attitude that has to occasionally be checked. Baby Girl is crawling and sitting up all by herself. I've even caught her pulling up to her knees. I can't think of anything that has changed with Hubby. Maybe I need to have a discussion with him about that? His book might have been published in that time period, but I really don't remember. You can tell how important it was to me. Me? I started getting up with the chickens and dropped a little weight. I somehow managed to lose about 5 hours of every day that I used to have before I started going to bed early. I was never good at math, but I still can't figure that one out. I'm glad my j-o-b is slower in the summer because that has suffered (it also suffers because it is in the Finance arena and as I mentioned I am not good at math). I have a few more gray white hairs from the Little Guy's antics and my car has been cleaned out really good.

It will be interesting to see how much things change over the next 200 posts. I assume Baby Girl will be one by then and maybe even walking. I will have probably gained back the 10 lbs I lost and the Big Guy will be going to a brand new school. There will be soccer games, homework, College Football season and a completely different schedule. I'm dreaming of a new camera lens (again) so there will be even more photos in my future if that is possible. Baby Girl will learn to say "put the camera away." Duck was the first word for both of the boys. I think she may be a little more advanced verbally. Enough or Stop could be her first word (although she really likes the big duck covering the bathtub faucet).

I promise to do some big "woohoos" or something more exiting if I ever reach 1,000 posts. I'm pretty sure I will run out of things to say long before then. Let's hope I do get a new camera lens because I will only be posting pictures by then and they will need to be good ones.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ever So Helpful

I'll take any extra help I can get these days.

Big Guy to Little Guy (this afternoon): "Watch the baby. It is your turn to watch her. Make sure she doesn't eat the books."

Little Guy: "Okay."

Ever so helpful, however, the boys have been fighting all day long (really all week) with each other. They can't stay away from each other and yet they fight when they are together. I have caught them punching, kicking and even biting. We were in the pool for 2 hours this afternoon and that is the best they have been with each other in days. Ahhh, such is life...around here anyway.

The Little Guy (who made a full recovery from Throw Up Thursday) has a new annoying habit of jumping over his sister. He runs and jumps over her head when she is sitting up. It is very unnerving. I remember the Big Guy doing that to the Little Guy when he was a baby. He also used him as a step stool to reach something on a shelf. My Mother insists that is why the Little Guy has so many GI problems today. I doubt it.

Happy Weekend! I am excited about sleeping later tomorrow morning. Oh, I did that today too although it was not on purpose. I was in the middle of a crazy dream and could not break away from it. No fabulous celebrity guest appearances in this dream as is usually the case with me. So, I'll spare you the boring details.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Throw Up Thursday

I'm so glad there isn't a picture to post of the aftermath of our morning car ride.

It was the Little guy in case you were wondering. All over my minivan. ALL over. My husband has been cleaning out my car all day long. He is perfectly fine now (My Hubby AND the Little Guy). He could only feel better after what I witnessed.

I took the Big Guy to a toy testing event at the museum later in the day. The middle seats of my minivan were pulled out which gave him a clear view of the GPS and gages in my car. It was so helpful for him to let me know I was speeding and that we needed to stop for gas "right now". He told me lots of short cuts I could take to get home from downtown based on the map he was looking at. He is a true back seat driver.

Before toy testing, there were snacks for the kids. They had a big basket full of individual packets of cookies. The Big Guy looked like a crazed addict as he inhaled one bag and went back for another. He was going back for a third when I cut him off. At the end he was sneaky and got another pack that he ate like we don't feed him. I don't keep that stuff in our house and does that make him act that way? He really loves sugar (like his Mama). I took donuts to school for his birthday and the same thing - he ate two as fast he could so he could get a third. He doesn't even enjoy it. What would happen if I had that junk all the time and he could have as much as he wanted? Would he eat himself sick and never want it again? Would it not be as interesting? Would he weight 200 lbs at 7 years old? These are things I wonder about.

I left Baby Girl with my Mom and husband while I was gone. I intentionally told them 5 times what to feed her, when, and even how. They messed it all up and fed her baby food twice in an hour and a half and never put her down for a nap. She lived so I didn't say anything.

No respect

Baby Girl: Da da da da da da da da da

Me: Ma ma

Baby Girl: ba ba ba ba ba baaaa ba baaaaaa

Me: Ma ma Ma ma

Baby Girl: dada da da daaaa

Me: Say Ma ma

Baby Girl: baaaaaba da da da da da da

Me: I gave birth to you. Say Mama not Dada!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Behind the Baby

How many times do I have tell him not to show my baby's bottom to random people?
(no matter how cute it is)

Monday, July 14, 2008


Is she laughing or gagging?

This is my official end-of-The-Bachelorette post (even if it is rather late). I'm allowed to post late TV commentary in a world with Tivo.

Thanks to Angela I can share DeAnna & Jesse's website. She is right when she says to have a bucket nearby. It says to check back often because "things are happening fast around there."

Feel free to post your "I can't believe she picked Jesse" comments now. Let everyone know who your favorite guy was (keep in mind that I can't ever remember any of their names and "weirdo" might not be descriptive enough for most of the guys.

Someone mentioned to me that pro snowboarders make a lot of money and it was not as impractical as it seems that she picked Jesse. I just looked it up on Wiki and it says they make $15,000 a year so it must be dumb true love. It will be hard to raise the four children they want on that salary so I hope the show boosts his sponsorship and her real estate career takes off (not likely in this market).

I think Jason (is that his name?) is a prime candidate for the next Bachelor. After too much thought, I have decided that if he found a woman that actually liked him back, he has the potential to be even more gushy and gross over his new love. If that is possible, of course.

Exploration of the Dusty Kind

Here she comes around the corner. She doesn't know kids aren't supposed to play in the dining room. I was hiding under the table and she had not spotted me yet.

I thought it would be more fun to get on the floor and take pictures of Baby Girl instead of doing my work or cleaning the kitchen (again).

She saw me!
Unfortunately, at this level I saw lots of dust under the dining room table. Who remembers to climb under there and dust? I didn't touch it. I like to save those jobs for little boys. I hope they can fit it into their busy lives of camp and building monuments in the foyer. They will have fun writing their names in the dust.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Big News: I had to go to the grocery store. We were really out of food to warrant me going in a downpour of rain. I didn't even have baby food! Did you think I made my own? Hahaa I must say that it seems as though making your own baby food may be necessary because they don't sell anything decent. You would think green beans and peas in a jar wouldn't be hard to find. I couldn't find those or even squash today. If you want to feed your little one Mango Dessert or Granola Plum Strawberry with DHA, Publix is your place. Luckily Baby Girl's appetite has really increased and I can mash up most of the food I feed our family for her with a fork. Don't forget about my blueberries that are cut into 8 pieces. So technically, I guess, I do make my own baby food. Kudos to me!

A lady was handing out Trinity Chocolate ice cream at our local Publix and it was divine. I don't turn down free ice cream samples no matter what diet or workout regime I am a part of. It set me off and I had to come home to finish our last chocolate cupcake. Somehow I managed to lose at my weekly weigh-in so I am relieved. If you had told me when I started my contest that I could get up at 5 am every morning, kill myself working out, hate it, eat less, go to bed early, get less work done and after 2 months I could lose 10 lbs, but wear the same pants size, I would not have made that deal or even considered it. There have been a few early mornings that I thought being fat might be okay with me. I do feel pretty good except for blisters, aches and pains all over and being really tired. In an unforeseen gym drama, Uma-the-wonder-trainer left my gym. I
have only seen her once in the last few weeks when we visited her church and she held Baby Girl for me the whole time. I got a nice email from her tonight and will hook back up with her in August to do measurements and body fat percentage again. I sure do live a glamorous life.

Anyway, back to Baby Girl and the Grocery Store. I got some more of these:

I don't know what she would do if I ran out. She yells at me during her meals until I pull some out. Then she squeals with happiness when she sees them. I guess they are sort of like Bagelfuls for me. Today I went to get them for her and had to turn back around when I realized the plastic wasn't pulled off the top. She had a complete breakdown. I don't know if she thought I was putting them back or if I was just too slow for her. I was glad she couldn't talk. I'm scared of what she might have said to me.

Baby Girl to Mommy: "Put More Here NOW!"

Better eat them quick, Baby Girl. The Little Guy sneaks around you and takes some when you are not looking.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Geraldo our Security Man

Or at least that is who he looks like to me.

Don't break into our house or you will surely trip and break your neck. I have become pretty good at maneuvering over this kind of thing at 5 am in the dark. Another skill I have developed from being a Mom.
As I type this there is a big fight going on between my boys about who is going to clean up this area. I'm just waiting and have decided to let them fight it out. Unfortunately, my wall just got another big mark. If I didn't make them clean it up they would keep adding to it with other blocks and toys and it would become massive.They love Kapla blocks.

If my boys could only have one thing to play with in the house, that is what we would keep. 9 times out of 10 that is what you will find them playing with. It is amazing the different ways they use them. I think we should get some of the red ones for Christmas. However, the Little Guy started to color some with an orange marker so we may not need to buy colored ones after all.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

57 Photo Booth Wonders

I realized Photo Booth was open on my Mac today. I took a closer look at it and saw 57 new pictures. Man was I mad that those boys have been playing with my computer.


I saw some of them.

Even I had to laugh. So, I am going to share just a few of them here. Don't ever tell them that I laughed or even slightly smiled. It will only encourage them.

"Pucker Up, Buttercup" (quick, what movie is that from?)

I had to add this next one because look at how the Little Guy's hair is combed over. It must have JUST been combed because it would never stay like that for very long. They don't look too guilty here either.

Okay. Back to being mad. I don't know if you can tell, but they are totally jumping up on one of my sofas into the air while the other one takes the picture. They better be glad I didn't catch them doing that!!!!

Excuse the ugly ceiling fan.

This is the Big Guy's picture. He is definitely my child...taking a picture of just about anything that is around.
I'm going to have to start hiding my computer.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Big Guy Big World

This picture captures the world of my 6 1/2 year old boy. He is always doing funny things with his hands like that. He is always building elaborate train tracks or roadways that I have to step over in my foyer. He also has to put up with siblings messing with his stuff. I had a younger brother and know what a pain it could be at times so I sometimes find myself sympathizing with him. I don't think he remembers life without a little brother so he handles it a lot better than I ever did.

That is his baby sister dressed in blue and chewing on a train track. She likes to hang out and be one of the boys. I need to remember to stick a pink bow in her hair when I dress her like that. Those Hanna Andersson rompers look too comfortable not to wear them (no matter the color). I wish I had one of my own. Wouldn't that be attractive? For now, I will just continue to wear my fabulous Costco capri loungewear.

Another thing about my Big Guy is that he likes to keep the details of his life close to the vest. Rarely would he tell you something about his day. What happens at camp stays at camp. Unless there is a huge reward as we found yesterday. My Hubby is an open book and will tell anything so the concept of not sharing your day is foreign to him and drives him a little bonkers. The more he tries to pull information from the Big Guy, the more it is withheld from him. The Big Guy asks for Hubby's Blackberry daily to play some game I am unfamiliar with. He doesn't often get it since it is attached to Hubby's ear or the palm of his hand most hours of the day. Yesterday Hubby told the Big Guy he could have it if he would tell what happened at camp. Immediately activities and events started pouring out of him in great detail. He even told what his buddy did and felt about everything. It was incredible. We have been told for years that he couldn't remember or that nothing happened all day long. We even found out how much of his lunch was eaten and how much his neighbor ate. To think we never would have known what color the beans were that he glued on a worksheet if it had not been for that phone.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Toothless Friends

The Big Guy's Kindergarten Friends.
This was before the one in blue took a dive off the side off of the porch and got a big knot on her forehead. I thought only boys did stuff like that.

We got some pictures of her before her tooth fell out.
Can you tell she is over having her picture taken?

The next day her tooth came out. The Big Guy's top tooth was knocked out as well. It was hanging and ready to go at any time. His little brother ran into him in the hall and it popped right out. He was really upset about the manner in which it came out.

Do you want to see him now?

Are you ready?

It is scary.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 4th Fireworks and Fun

I guessed it right. There was plenty of Flag Cake, Watermelon, Fireworks and swimming over our holiday weekend.
The most beautiful Synchronized Swimmer in the world (or our pool anyway).

That's right. Some of us put salt on our watermelon. (Not my Yankee Hubby)

Driveway fun. I think this was our finale "Mother Earth."

And the absolute best thing about our holiday was (drum roll):

No Gym!

I was so excited about sleeping in on the 4th even though I woke up at 4:45 AM and couldn't sleep. I was determined to stay in the bed until at least 9:00 AM despite lots of little children and babies crawling all over me. It was great to not have a schedule and wear my pajamas until Noon. It was even better to have my Mom do all the cooking. There must have been tryptophan in our hot dogs because most all of us had to take a nap. The afternoon was spent swimming and we went home to have our small little firework display in our driveway before watching a real one on TV.

I am so thankful to live in this country and for all the men and women that have served and are serving overseas. I had a wonderful, peaceful weekend with my family and I know that is not the case for everyone.

It has been a great weekend even though I got a raging case of cramps that I thought only 14 year olds had. I was forced to take a muscle relaxer which may explain my overuse of the words wonderful and great in this post.

Yesterday I met up with an out of town friend and her family downtown and stood in the rain. We just happened to be next to the Children's Museum and have passes so we spent the rest of the afternoon letting the kids play. A big 10 year old started fighting my Big Guy over something and ended up pounding on his arm and making it red. The Big Guy was crying and I turned into a Mother Bear about to take out a kid. Luckily Hubby was there and I arrived late on the scene for all the excitement. I haven't experienced anything like that before where my kid has been physically assaulted. I stalked the 10 year old and his parents around for awhile ready to attack with my very original line of "tell your kid to pick on someone his own size!" I finally calmed down and realized they were just people like us and kids make mistakes. I love the way my boys get over that stuff almost as soon as it happens. I could take a lesson from them. We had Mexican food on the way home and that was not fun. At some point I said into the air "why do we bother going out to eat with kids?" It was before the muscle relaxer. I tried to turn Mexican Food into baby food and someone was always touching me. I always end up inhaling my food instead of enjoying it.

I always think about the line in Mr. Mom where someone says "you don't feed chili to a baby!" Something about feeding refried beans to a baby seems dangerous.

I can't believe it is already July.

Only 171 more days until Christmas.