Friday, November 6, 2009

The Agony of Sharing a Room

For whom you might ask? I think me but today is another story.

Big Guy - almost 8; Little Guy - almost 6; Baby Girl 2, Hubs - 45

(Back-story: Big Guy and Little Guy have been sharing a very large room for about 3 years now. Big Guy on the top Bunk and Little Guy below. Until the last year every night was a huge up-all-night-party. Now it is mostly a lot of fighting and throwing.)

Tonight's conversation with me and the Big Guy before bed was about how it would be "cool" if he had a neat desk and some other things in his room. I pointed out all the holes in the wall and furniture. I also mentioned the missing pictures around the room before I told him I wouldn't spend any more money on that room because everything gets trashed. I forgot to bring up the marker on the wall right where he sleeps on the top bunk. He asked for a trash can and I told him that he had one a few months ago and it was sat on and thrown around until it was crushed. He said "I bet if this was only my room I could have a trash can." I like the way he didn't mention the Little Guy even though that is who he was referring to. He proceeded to find a plastic sack and hang it on the drawer pull of his dresser as his trash can. He showed it to his brother and said the following:

BG: Little Guy, do you see this bag? This is the new trash can. If you mess it up at all you are in big trouble. I will move out if you do. Do you know what that means? To move out?

LG: Yes, you will move out of this room.

BG: That is right. I will be out of here.

LG: Where will you sleep?

BG: Probably with Mommy and Daddy in the Master Bedroom. I will move in there.

LG: The MASTER bedroom? (evil laughter) Why do they call it that?

BG: Because it is the biggest bedroom in the house and it will be big enough for me too.

Mr. First Born cleaned up the whole room (why he needed the trash bag) and when he was done the Little Guy only had to take a few clothes to the laundry room. Wouldn't you know that kid whined and tried to negotiate only taking half of them?

The end of this story is that those clothes are still there on the floor and we will continue this tomorrow. I would bet a ton of money that the trash bag will be ripped apart in the morning. Also, there is poop rubbed on the carpet. Will it never end?


Emily said...

Ok, I'm totally re-thinking letting my kids share a room?! :)

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness...BG is too much! he seems very mature for a mere eight. Is there a possibility of him having his own room, or is that just a dream of his? They would probably miss each other terribly if they had separate rooms despite the way they may fight now. ;)

Angela said...

Love, love, love this. You need to write more- you always make me laugh ;) Yes, I know- it's all about me. Don't care if you're busy- just please keep writing to keep me entertained! LOL! ;)