Friday, October 8, 2010

Baby Girl Turns 3

Just an update to show how big my girl is getting. She is talking and throwing her attitude around pretty good these days. Third Child = I bought her an ice cream today to stop a tantrum (it worked). She said "if I don't eat it it melts on the floor and if I get sick I frow it up on the floor." I like the way she thinks. She also asked me if I like chocolate or "villa". We were at the "Chick-a-ful-a" in case you were wondering.

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Morris five said...

Happy birthday Baby Girl! So sweet. Whenever I take Jack grocery shopping I let him have and eat whatever he wants as we walk through the aisles...isn't that awesome? It totally works! I am a genius!
P.S. I do pay for the empty containers even though the check out people look at me funny sometimes!