Friday, March 6, 2009

"Follow Your Heart

Apology Tour begins on the Ellen Show

I think I am ready to speak on The Bachelor. I think.

As my husband always says about the show in general "it is designed for failure." He is funny like that. Anyway, normally I probably wouldn't say much about that show because I try to avoid it and I don't want any of you to know that I have watched it. However, this is my small way to blast it publicly so here we go.

That guy is a dweeb.

I can't believe all those other girls took up for him so much and I can't stand the way he rubs his new girlfriend's arm UP and DOWN the whole time she is trying to talk. If I hear him say "follow your heart" one more time I think I will throw up. I hope 2 years into the relationship he doesn't decide to "follow his heart" and be happier with the girl next door because the current girlfriend nagged him too much about taking the trash out and suddenly things "just weren't the same." Welcome to the real world, Jason. I loved it when my mother said "that's why his wife left him."

He is starting an organization called Jason's Place. Once it is up and going I'm sure the first tip will be "whenever you see your child you should run to them, scoop them up in your arms and immediately fall to the ground and roll around because you are just so happy to be in their presence." That is what he did every single time on the show. I love my kids to death but I don't think I have ever done that. You can also find the link to follow him on Twitter. Gross. I am thinking of blocking him from my account just to make myself feel better. I looked at his Facebook page and it is so funny to me that his Wall comments are all such wonderful things. They must delete the bad ones. Am I the only one that feels this way?


Kristin said...

You KNOW you aren't the only one, Lisa. I just watched the Ellen interview and wanted to vomit when Jason was rubbing Molly's arm. And of course he started laying one on her when they went to commercial. I understand that he had a desperately difficult time making a choice. And if it was *that* hard, he shouldn't have proposed to Melissa. Period. You know who else makes me wanna vomit? DeAnna. Blech. I feel like she is part of the reason he chose Melissa becuase she was "the safe choice" over Molly "the wild card." And how exactly is Molly soooo "wild"? Oh yeah, she must have gone buck wild in that tent. None of us would feel so disgusted if he just would have followed his darn heart to begin with and chosen Molly. And as mad as Ellen was over the finale, I thought her interview was pretty wimpy. Except I did like that she asked him about his comment that Melissa was the "perfect wife" in his words, so what does that make Molly?!?

Did you read Chris Harrison's blogs?

Anyway, you are not alone, sister! :)

Kristin said...

You probably saw this already, but just in case you didn't:

(there are links to the actual emails Melissa talked to Ellen about if you scroll down a little)

Emily said...

AMEN! to all of it! Especially the arm rubbing thing...when I see him rub her arm, it makes me want to rip it off and beat him with it. Good thing I'm not a violent person! lol

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, you are funny. My thoughts EXACTLY! The rubbing arm me shivers!

Kristin said...

I have been married for almost 10 years to a man I love very much and I have to say that in all the years, he has NEVER touched me like that! :) I swear if he rubs her arm anymore, she is gonna be hairless! Makes me wanna vomit on my shoes! :) So yes, you are not alone!

Angela said...

You are NOT the only one who feels that way! Totally agree with you. In the end, I'm glad for Melissa. She is better than him...