Sunday, March 1, 2009

Random Picture Challenge: September 2007

This is from 4 Little Men's random picture challenge. It is the 11th picture from September 2007. Whew. #10 and you would have seen my big pregnant belly 3 weeks before delivery of Baby Girl.

I took a picture of a baby shower gift I received. I loved it so much and was fearful it might one day be shattered in our house so I took a picture. I ended up using that same bible verse on her birth announcement. I really did pray for her and waited a long time for her. For days after receiving this gift I cried and cried about it thinking about the journey I took to that 9th month and the goodness of God.

It now hangs over her bedroom light switch so I can see it every day.

As usual, I messed up a really easy Random Challenge contest. Before I read the instructions twice, I pulled November's 11th picture. I went to the trouble of blocking out her real name and adding "Baby Girl" on the blanket so I am going to go ahead and post it.

She was about a month old and I put her in my great grandmother's bread bowl that my Mom used for flower arrangements in college. Baby Girl was exhausted by the experience.


EH said...

I made the same mistake... posted a the 11th picture of Nov instead of Sept. By the time I realized my mistake people had commented so I left it be. Beautiful picture.

Emily said...

I love that verse too...and she looks sooooo precious there!

Kristin said...

Bless you and baby Girl, Lisa. You got me teary on that one.

L a u r a said...

That's a great picture of Baby Girl in the bread bowl. It's adorable, yet has dramatic flair!

Did your mom really make flower arrangements in college--for her room? Hmmm...I considered myself an overachiever (with housekeeping) if I changed my sheets and swept the floor in my dorm room. I wouldn't have trusted myself with a breakable heirloom in the dorm.