Saturday, April 11, 2009

So Far in April and I hate my camera post

This first picture pretty much sums up April. The flowering trees started to attack my Little Guy. Like he doesn't have enough problems with his bad haircut? I took this picture to show the Dr. in case he looked a lot better at his appointment that afternoon (he did). We got stares everywhere we went. He took some steroids and is on some other meds plus eye drops so he only looks about half this bad now.
Little sisters hanging out at the ballpark. I am sad to report that I forgot to wear sunscreen on one 3-hour baseball tour.
I hate my little camera. I don't think I have said that in a month or more so I felt it was time after downloading my pics today. At first I thought it was just seeing the difference between $300 and $3,000, but I really think it just sucks. I'm sorry to use the word suck on my blog but I think it just fits here.

I took Baby Girl to a playdate-egg hunt yesterday. I have been gone all week and when I got home I said "let's go out and take your picture!" She proceeded to run and fall into the corner of my coffee table. It was pretty bad and now she has a big bruise mark in the shape of a line down her face. Right before Easter.

This little girl was pretty cute, though:

Here are the little girls about to get a cupcake. I think Baby Girl and her friend might have fought over that chair except they couldn't take their eyes off of the cupcakes. I let her eat one and when I removed her from the table it was full-on-fit time. It was remarkable. I can't blame her. I feel that way when I run out of chocolate too. Get used to seeing Baby Girl in her baseball hat. She seems to like it and wears it most days. She won't keep a bow in but she will wear this hat. It keeps the hair out of her eyes so I don't mind so much. She wore it to the East Egg Hunt and through lunch at Moe's today. Her Easter dress for tomorrow has some pink in it so I think it will lovely together.

While I am writing the going-nowhere post, I want to show you the Little Guy's picture he took this afternoon. He is our artsy child and I think it shows here. (Only a mother could be so proud.)


Emily said...

Awe, poor LG. Our allergies are acting up too. He looked much better today at the egg hunt though. That picture of them staring at the cupcake was too cute! I know how they feel...I can't take my eyes off of chocolate either!

Kristin said...

Poor Little Guy! I see he has recovered a bit from this attack of the trees, but I still feel for him. I'm sorry to hear about Baby Girl's bruise line, too. Maybe you can work your photoshop magic and pretend it never existed in your images. And I feel for you as well with the sunscreen since I think we have similar ivory skin. I can't say I sympathize on the fact that you have enough sun to cause a burn, though. The weather here has been so cold still!

Mara said...

Oh poor, poor LG. I had no idea it was that bad. I didn't even recognize him!! I hope he is doing better. You guys may have to move to Wisconsin, for his sake! (kidding)