Saturday, April 4, 2009

An unexpected Twilight moment on my blog

Not the usual picture-posting of my kids sitting in flowers. It is much more inspiring, don't you think? He is not one of my kids, in case you were wondering.

My friend Emily assures me that he is tall and he does indeed bathe. She is also having a contest giving away this stuff right here.




Flssgrl said...

Hey Cougar!
That is one fine picture may just have to post it on my blog....thanks for the eye candy!

Flssgrl said...

My word verification was

Emily said...

ahhhhh....I could stare at that picture all day!

Morris five said...

Yikes, how is it possible to be that hot and is it illegal that I think that?

Mara said...

Cougar??!! We aren't old enough to be cougars, are we??!!!! He's about the same as us anyway, right?!