Thursday, October 1, 2009


The first time they all met. The Little Guy hasn't quit hugging her yet and boy is she mad about it.

I can't even believe that Baby Girl is 2 today. It has gone so fast and yet I can't imagine life without her being here. I so enjoy her bopping around my house with hair flying in her pink Crocs looking for a new bow. She loves to accessorize and doesn't even mind wearing her bib because it is an accessory for her. We start the day by looking for hats, bows and Crocs.

She has discovered the world of pinwheels. They are like a wand for her, I think. Just wait until we get her a tiara so she won't have to wear her brother's baseball hats anymore!

Her recent "thing" is to "colla" (color). With the piles of homework and school work we have she can easily sneak up in a chair and find something to colla with. We found black marker all over one of our baseboards today. We have moved into the territory of actually not knowing which child did it. I can only hope my oldest wouldn't (you never know).

That is a wipe. Another "thing". She likes to be clean and I don't mind.


It isn't that bad unless you can't handle goo. Trust me, it could have been much worse.

The first time WE met.

She is the same now as she was then. I can tell she is thinking "That Dora?" I just know it. It also looks like she wants to scream "HAPPY!" at me so she can listen to her favorite (I'm So Happy) music.

I would LOOOOVVVEEE another little baby girl. I wish I was younger and I could have the two boys 2 years apart and then two girls 2 years apart. However, as I looked through some of my pictures I was feeling so "HAPPY" that I was not pregnant, or just had a baby, or an extra 50 lbs and all the stuff that comes with having a newborn. Oh well.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!


mrs boo radley said...

Happy Birthday, pretty little girl! Hope you get to colla something or eat some cake or spin some pinwheels.

Emily said...

That is so sweet. I can't believe she's too. It just makes me all teary thinking about our babies growing up! I want them all to stay little! ;)

Kristin said...

I *know* I commented on here on Thursday, but it isn't here! Boo! :(

Anyway, your post made me teary, too. That first photo of the boys holding her...Oh, my! Just gorgeous!!! And the photo of you holding her for the first time made me emotional; that is beautiful. With having two c-sections, I wan't able to hold the boys until they took me to the recovery room, and people were wheeling me around and Eric had to leave, so I don't think I have either of my very first moments with them documented. Now I'm sad again!

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! Hope it was magical. :)

Angela said...

Awww- My baby girl just turned 3. It's sad. :( I don't like my babies growing up. And I don't like watching bloggy friends babies growing up either cause it happens TOO FAST!! Wasn't she just a little baby??