Thursday, April 29, 2010


Lighting Inspiration that is. Nothing that will make you move away from the computer, unfortunately.

Kristin just reminded me on Facebook that I actually have a blog! I love her for that.

I couldn't easily find a picture I wanted to post until I came to this. It is what I want for my kitchen but totally doesn't go. The good news is that it is only half the price of the kitchen sink I want. The bad news is it is half the price of the kitchen sink I want. I put my island pendant light obsession off for about 5 weeks and now I am back at it. I can NOT find what I want (that looks decent and doesn't cost a fortune). I took the light down that I had and have nothing at the moment. I actually like having nothing (not so much the gaping hole in the ceiling). You would have to see how ugly the other light was to appreciate that. Are there pretty insignificant things in your home that just BUG you? For my husband it is our kitchen sink. I have heard him talk about how awful it is for 10 years. It was the light fixture over my island for me. I can breathe easier now that it is in Salvation Army Heaven.

I immediately feel bad after writing something like this when there are such bigger problems in the world and in my own community. This problem doesn't stress me out as much as the other stuff so it is where I tend to focus too much attention. Ignorance is bliss?


Kristin said...

Ha! You are too cute, Lisa. Maybe I should remind myself that I have a blog.

I have a kitchen problem, too: my "kitchen." We use that word, but I think it's more of an ugly, outdated room with a refrigerator. And I agree, I'd rather concentrate on the fact that I want Corian countertops than the fact that people aren't able to solve the oil spill or save innocent tornado victims.

I still love raeding your blog; I think Facebook and reserach papers have usurped my blogging time. But I want to do better!

Morris five said...

Hey Lisa, I don't have anything else to say at the moment. Checking in Miss you!