Saturday, April 10, 2010


I'm a very bad blogger. Part of my charm. Here is the 16x20 gallery wrap canvas I just ordered of my kids. I have titled it:

I'm the KING OF THE WORLD, I don't care who you think you're the king of, and I know you are the king but just pay attention to me, dang it!

Out of 1,645 shots I took of my kids on this particular morning, this might be the only one that the princess did not scream "NO, I NOT!" with every reasonable request. So, I must blow it up on the wall just for that reason alone.

Ohhhh, we have come so far. Just look where we were 2.5 years ago when she wasn't able to say "NO, I NOT" (although she must have been thinking it).

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Formerly Gracie said...

I adore photos like this the best-- the one that capture kids just as they truly are at the very moment. So perfect!