Saturday, February 28, 2009

Major Injury List Started

Baby Girl's first injury on the playground. She went to Parent's Morning Out and they let her go on the playground where she promptly planted her face into the wood chips on the ground. Her Rudolph nose only lasted a couple of days. I know you can't see it well in this picture - it was a day and a half later.

This list may grow sooner than later if she continues to put a coat over her head and walk into the corners of the room like she did tonight. I don't think we have a helmet small enough for her.

She played with a little girl down the street that is two months older than her. That little girl is also the third child. She would climb on everything including the slide on the big playhouse. Once she fell off when she got to the top and her mom said "oh well, third child". My third child has two wild brothers but never climbs on anything except when she sits at the edge of the fireplace and ventures far enough to put her feet up on the seat with her. When I sit her on the edge of our steps for a picture, she whimpers and whines and reaches for me so she won't fall to her death. The drama does make up for her lack of adventure.

We played with another little girl in the neighborhood that is also two months older than my Baby Girl. She ran wild through the house climbing on every chair, sofa and piano bench she came to. She even went all the way up their stairs. She reminded me very much of The Big Guy when he was that age. Her Mom just started staying home full time with this little girl and has already lost 10 lbs. I'll never again be as skinny as I was when The Big Guy was a toddler. I'm tired just thinking about it.

I'll hold my breath in case Baby Girl catches up with her friends and goes crazy in the next two months. At least I might lose another 10 lbs.

Here was my Big Guy many years ago. I would have to strap him into his highchair to hold him still for a picture.
He had his own helmet.


Emily said...

Awe, that poor little nose! I'm surprised that Melody hasn't had a major injury yet...especially since I caught her standing on the kitchen counter the other day!

Kristin said...

She is still as cute as ever despite the red nose. Thankfully, my boys are typically non-adventurous types. I worry I will have a heart attack over some of the things they do that are non-adventurous, so I can't imagine if I had an adventurous type!

P.S. Those pics of Big Guy are just too precious. It doesn't help that I have Plumb playing. *sigh*

EH said...

Cute. It's funny but true. When my first born was a toddling around I was expecting our second child. My mother in-law asked how in the world I could keep up with him being in my 'condition'. Simple, because I have too! I haven't been that slim since either.