Thursday, July 2, 2009

21 month old Baby Girl (her Mom's post)

I must interrupt my (old) vacation picture posts to wish Baby Girl a happy birthday. I couldn't figure out earlier where I could write something about her where I would find it again when I got around to doing her baby book in 11 years. I want to just bottle her up and I know I will forget some things. Today, July 2nd, 2009 is when she started saying "Circle". She probably was saying this a month ago and I didn't understand her. Four or Five of her words sound exactly like "she". Shoes and TV being two of the words. She-She sounds so much nicer than "shoe", don't you think? She also repeated me when I said rectangle, triangle, etc. Pretty hilarious. I need to pull out the video recorder.

This is a picture of Grammy and Baby Girl Sunday night at my Aunt's house for dinner. She still takes her "football"/milk everywhere with her. My Mom tried for 25 minutes to get up and leave and Baby Girl would point to the step and say "sit!". They were looking in a very large mirror so lots of fun to her.

She has started scratching and hitting. She likes to say "OW" when she does that. She is really rough with her brothers because she can be. I noticed in the church nursery that she was fine with all the little girls and with the one boy there she was pretty mean. She yelled at him to get out of her way and tried to hurt him. Not very becoming of our little lady. When I ask how she has been in there they say "oh, she was fine. She had a few fits but that isn't unusual for her."

She wears Crocs inside the house most of the day. If she can't find her own she will put on her brother's huge ones. She is definitely going to be a shoe she-she girl. She also asks demands every night that I rock ("wock wock") her. Ahhh. I don't' mind that so much. And lastly I'll say that she is still a very bad car passenger. On our 8 hour ride to FL she only slept 45 minutes. She hollered a lot of the way and would only watch 2 different DVDs. I put on Barney once and she was outraged - can't blame her. She is also a bad passenger just driving across town. Spoiled rotten but cute as a bug.


Emily said...

There can never be enough she-she girls in the world! She is as cute as can be...I can't wait to do music class again with her this fall!

Angela said...

She is so adorable and precious. Mine is a bad car sleeper, too. We recently drove 7 hours home from "up north" and she never napped until (literally) we pulled off the exit onto our street... she fell asleep the last 90 seconds of our trip home and then slept straight through until the next morning!!

Kristin said...

Baby Girl is two already?!? Holy smokes! Was there a party?

Loved your description of her words. Two-year-old language is so sweet. And I'm glad to know I don't have the only aggressive child. Mine runs after the older one with his mouth wide open. If it didn't upset me so much it would be hilarious.