Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So long to Hollywood

Besides my wonderful, saintly Aunt in Orlando, we also have good friends. This is the chica that moved to the ATL with me when we had no jobs and lived in a very scary ghetto-like apartment together. She is the Thelma to my Louise. Neither of us want to be Thelma so she might say that I am her, but she isn't here right now. We have stories about looking for jobs in 102 degree weather in cars with no A/C. I'll just say that the worse interview story for me was the one where in the middle I said "I think I am in the wrong place." Anyway, we have multiplied since then and it is good to hang out with them again every year.

Our group shot of all of us leaving MGM. This was right before the $20 black Star Wars T-shirts were purchased for the boys. I am no fun. I just don't think they are necessary. They do wear them every day so I guess we are getting our money's worth.

On another note, Baby Girl is a trooper. This is her 3rd day closing down a theme park. BTW, she did come home and start sleeping in her bed just as she had before. I guess she only needs to sleep directly on top of me when she is away from her crib.

This isn't the last of my Disney pictures. I am just publishing them like I read a magazine - backwards.

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Kristin said...

How cool that you vacation with your friends! That's an awesome tradition.

I am with you on the $20 shirts. And why do all of the Star Wars shirts have to be black?!? I conceded to buying one for my big guy only because it was blue.

I am really behind on your blog!