Monday, August 3, 2009

Ode to the Popsicle

I need to post something because I just haven't in awhile. This is an old picture of my Little Guy doing what he does best - climbing trees and eating Popsicles. My kids LOVE a Popsicle! I thought it was funny when the head of the camp where the Big Guy went talked about kids faking injuries to get a Popsicle. I really don't see the point. It isn't chocolate. Right?

When The Big Guy was under 3 he fell off a tall piece of playground equipment onto his back. He couldn't breathe and I thought he would die. I was screaming at him to talk to me and he finally croaked out "I...need...a...popsicle." At that point I knew he would live and was so relieved. My one year old Little Guy at the time was running far away from me while I was dealing with this as a few random mothers sat and did nothing to help me out. BUT that is another story.


Emily said...

What a funny story! My kids have inherited my love of chocolate and aren't big Popsicle fans.

Kristin said...

My kids, too, love a good popsicle. How thankful you must have been when Big Guy asked for one after such a fall! And don't you just love when other parents look at you like: "'re in a bad spot. Wonder how you're gonna get outta this one," instead of offering to help?!? What is that about? I have a funny popsicle story from my childhood; you may have inspired me to blog about it. I haven't been inspired to do much lately besides sleep as you can tell if you have visited my blog lately!

L a u r a said...

If popsicles > then outside = the only answer!

Oh, the moms! That reminds me of a couple of similar stories...making me wonder if people remember how to use their brains.