Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And the winner is

The Big Guy's team.


We have games or practice every night this week...the Little Guy's team is thrown into that mix and some of it is makeups from the rain. My calendar is full enough without having to keep up with what field, what kid, what time and who has snacks. Playoffs are next week and I will be glad to have a break from it all. Not to sound like too much of a martyr because I actually stay home with Baby Girl or some other child a lot of the time. Like right now. :-)


Emily said...

Whew...that's a lot of ball. Congrats on the win. Sounds like he deserves a cookie for a treat...too bad you ate all the dough. ;)

mrs boo radley said...

Love the shots through the fence.

Kristin said...

We are dealing with the same thing over here; we have had so many rained out games so far. And guess whose child got hit in the face with the ball Monday night when they finally did get to play?!? He's okay now, thank goodness.

How long has Big Guy been playing? The pics are awesome (as usual!).