Friday, May 22, 2009

No-Baseball Blogging

My Little Guy dreaming in the outfield. That is what you do in the outfield when you are 5.

First weekend without baseball. Woohooo! As of today, everyone is out of school. We are just home doing nothing next week so I don't know how great I am going to be feeling about it then. We finally got our minivan back from the body shop today. It was tough on our family of five (me) to only have a sedan all week. My Hubby was housebound the most. If he is smart he will find a reason to be away next week. I think he already has. Maine? Pittsburgh? Very random places that could very well be made up. Again, can't blame him.

Back to baseball. The Big Guy's team made it to the playoffs but lost before the finals. There were a whole lot of 7 and 8 year old boys crying. It was tough to see and a bit heartbreaking to me. The next night was the picking of the all-star team so more hard life lessons.

My computer is slow so I can't write any more. I know you are disappointed.


L a u r a said...

Love the photo. Enjoy your kids' free time. At their age, that usually means you have none! =)

Flssgrl said...

omgoodness.....I love that pic!!!!