Friday, June 26, 2009

Jedi Training

Star Wars Weekends
at Disney's Hollywood Studios

We tried last year and on our second try this year The Little Guy was picked to become a Jedi. My oldest son is more into this stuff but he would never participate in something like this that has a crowd watching. To make it even more special, a Mom said to my husband after the Little Guy was picked "that is great that your son got picked, but just so you know, we have been waiting here for 45 minutes and our son did NOT get picked!" The Dad then found an employee and chewed them out. I sarcastically say WAHHH.

Don't worry. It means he is advanced that he is turned around the opposite direction.

Cue the scary music...

Oh no you DIDN'T just look at me like that, Mr. Horn head! {The Big guy tells me he is Darth Mal and he was only in one movie.}
Here is our Little Guy fighting off evil.

His reward for destroying evil in the Kingdom was a Star Wars toothbrush that plays music and a Jedi certificate. Awesome.


Morris five said...

I love it. I only wish you would have gathered the courage to Waahh that lady in the face, then you would be my hero forever. Wait a minute, I think you already are anyway! I just caught up on your blog. I have been away from mine for a while but that's ok because no one reads it but you and Mara's mom!

Kristin said...

My boys would probably be too shy to do anything like this, too. But my older one would have freaked out about the guns. I instilled a "no toy gun" rule in our house when he was little, but I never really verbalized it. Now that he is starting to get some Star Wars toys, he is beside himself if they come with guns. I think maybe he will be a politician. He keeps saying, "Don't these companies know they are selling toys to little kids?!?" (FYI...Lightsabers are okay in our house, though. Since they are just fictional, he doesn't have any anti-lightsaber platforms yet.)

Emily said...

Too cute! Alex would have like that. lol

Erin said...

My husband . . yes thats right MY HUSBAND would love to see that in person! He love star wars!!