Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Questions Answered

I am in FL for the week on vacation. That is if you call trying to entertain and feed 3 kids without all my usual stuff a vacation. My Hubby is at a conference most of the week so I am mostly on my own except for the last two days when my saint-like Aunt has taken us in. I didn't bring my cord to download pictures so that will have to wait. Until then I thought I would answer some of the questions (those I can remember) from my comments. I never reply back so here it goes.

"The Ted" - That is the Stadium where the Atlanta Braves play. We were supposed to go a couple of weeks ago and the game was rained out. The Boys' Little League teams were parading around the field. We don't go to the games a whole lot because I am not such a big fan of sitting in the heat and sun and watching grass grow.

The Rubik Cube - I didn't just throw it away...I am just now uploading my picture of it. My Hubby never said anything else about it (he was attempting to fix it). I just saw it in the trash one day and decided to take a picture of it. We will NOT buy another one. We also had a "Snake" that I can't find. I think some of the plastic pieces were taken off of it although it was still operable.

Legos in my Dryer: Yes! There really are Legos in my dryer. I can often pull a small handful out, but there are some that are inside - I don't know where. They rattle a bit when I first start drying clothes. It used to be annoying and now it is just part of my life and I don't think much about it. The dryer hasn't broken down yet so I try not to worry about it too much. If you saw all the Legos on my living room floor you wouldn't be surprised. We bought both boys a Lego kit at the Lego Store at Downtown Disney (we are stupid) so our hotel room and also my Aunt's house has little pieces everywhere. I heard the housekeeper vacuum up little Legos and I felt right at home.

Baseball: The Big Guy is only 7 and a half. He started playing T-Ball when he was 4. He has played every Spring and also played last Fall. He is in the Minor IIs and will be there for one more season before moving up to Minor Is where the kids are pitching. They have a machine right now. He was the smallest one on this last team and was stuck daydreaming in the outfield a lot. He seems to really enjoy it so we will just keep it up until he doesn't. The games were pretty exciting when I could actually watch and not chase Baby Girl around. I'm not that big of a baseball fan and am not like the other team Mom's that make signs, scream and overall seem REALLY in to it. I did try to wear a sweater in the team's color on the last day of playoffs so you know, yea me.

Me: No, I never was a Supermodel but I can see where you would think that. Oh, I'm just kidding to make you laugh (hard). I did want to be in the local newspaper's beauty pageant when I was in 5th grade. My mother didn't let me because I guess I was so ugly and she was trying to spare me the rejection. Which when I think about it probably was more damaging than not winning the contest? We will never know.

That is all I could remember so let me know if I forgot something incredibly important or pressing. As if. It would only be natural that people would ask me about stain removal tips. I should be better at that with the life I have led. I can only say that Oxi-Clean Spray got Black Sharpie out of upholstery for me once. and the Rug Doctor works pretty good on carpet.

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Kristin said...

Ha! I laughed out loud; thank you. Are you near Disney? That would be tough with one parent. You are definitley outnumbered. Is this the same aunt whose toilet you guys clogged last year?!? (Isn't that the right story?)

P.S. If you have tips on how to remove fabric paint from fabric, I'm all ears!