Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Hollywood Studios (I want to call it MGM so bad)

Our only family picture of the whole trip. Thank you stranger-man!
Baby Girl chills out watching Beauty and the Beast.

Lots of cloudy skies through our whole trip. Is it going to rain and when? I didn't mind so much because it kept it from being so hot.

I thought that the parade was pretty funny. It was just a Block Party and not a parade, but I am still going to call it a parade. The little Toy Story Army Men were hilarious. It may have been because of the beer my friend bought me after not eating all day. We were on our way to eat and HAD to stop for this parade. I was getting pretty cranky but the beer really cheered me up. My Hubby said to make sure I had one at all times for the rest of the trip. Unlucky for him, I did not.

The skies were getting dark and my friend and I laughed about the Animal Kingdom parade we saw before a storm years ago. They were flying by so fast you could hardly see what was on the floats. It was in super-fast motion. "Come on guys, we are going to do this parade but we are going to do it in 3 minutes!"

I hope you don't mind that these pictures from the various Disney places are completely out of order. It is like a little glimpse into my mind and the craziness of my life by trying to follow along with my boring vacation pictures.

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Kristin said...

Okay, I am so behind that I didn't even know it wasn't MGM anymore. Weird! And I had no idea that they had Star Wars weekends. My big guy is just now getting into that. We haven't let him see any movies/tv shows because he has nightmares about the mannequins in the Old Navy ads. But he loves reading the books. Love your Vanna White! :)

P.S. Did Baby Girl really watch that whole Beauty and the Beast show that nicely?!?