Friday, January 15, 2010


This is my old Halloween picture. I only WISH I had a Reeses around here.

My weigh in at the gym got moved to Saturday so the binge continues! 2 S'mores this afternoon and now wine, cheese and crackers for dinner. I think I'll have an ice cream sandwich soon. I have just GOT to have some chocolate chip cookie dough stashed in the freezer somewhere. Why wouldn't I? Emily turned me on to the "organic" cookie dough and I just don't know if that is bad enough right now.
It isn't really organic except in my imaginary life (and probably Emily's?). Anyway, I'm eating it raw.

And dear Kristin, you are too GOOD to not have had a cookie in that long. It reminds me of my sweet friend at the gym one disgustingly early morning. She said if she was going to eat as many cookies as she does she might as well come to the gym. The workout queen nearby said "I haven't had sugar in 2 years" and my sweet (skinny) friend said in her high voice "well, you just don't know what you are missin'." :-) I'll try not to bring you down to my pathetic level when we get together. (TRY)

And that concludes my random fatty post.


Emily said...

I'm actually eating my (raw) cookie as I read this...ahhh, bliss.

L a u r a said...

Now I have a mid-afternoon craving for something sweet!

I do have some raw M&M cookie dough in my freezer. I bought it from some girl I didn't know for some reason I can't remember. $15 for 2 dozen raw blobs of dough(!)...that were delivered when we were on vacation. Who knows when our neighbor found them on our doorstep.

Ooh, maybe I'm talking down my craving already. =) Sal-mo-nella, salmon-ELLA! Nope. Not really working!

Kristin said...

You had me genuinely laughing out loud on this one, Lisa. I only deny myself cookies because I would be about 987 pounds otherwise. I can barely look at a cookie without it jumping onto a hip. I have the same issue with cheese curls. And they also leave horrible evidence; at least cookies don't turn your hands orange, I guess! :)