Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Look cute and feel good about it

I haven't blogged a lot lately, but don't hasn't been so long that Baby Girl grew hair. I borrowed this picture from Flitterbugs. I was thinking this outfit would be perfect for me (M for Mama) but maybe it would be cuter on my Baby Girl? Check out this website for some cute clothes and help them fund an adoption from Ethiopia.

I learned in the past week of two people I know with 2-3 children that have been burdened by the orphan crisis in Africa and have decided to adopt from that country. These are just regular families that you wouldn't expect this from and pretty amazing that they would follow their hearts and open their homes to more children.

On a similar note, the Little Guy (25 minutes ago) went into a room by himself and prayed to God to put a girl and boy baby in my belly. I tried to stop him. He came out and said "it is too late now. It is done and they are in there." The worst part is that he wants to name the girl baby the same name as Baby Girl and the boy after his cousin. My Hubby told him to go pray to God to send a big bag of money with the babies (we are going to need it).


L a u r a said...

Wow! That COULD be Baby Girl in a few years!

MJacobson said...

I just don't know what to say about a possible baby #4. I can't believe you are getting pressure from your Little Guy too!! He probably thinks the busier you are, the less you will notice what he is getting into!