Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

I can't get used to this 2010 or 010 or'10 thing yet.

Yesterday marked 5 years that my Dad has been living in Heaven with Jesus. I pulled out his big platter for dinner. I can remember special occasions or just weekend afternoons when he would fill up the sections with chips, cheeses, pickles, dip and things I thought were just heavenly at the time. I must have been about the Little Guy's age and I remember it vividly. I did the same thing before dinner yesterday for kids with cheese (the real stuff - cut with my knife), little baby dill pickles (2 kids licked and turned down), raw veggies with Ranch dressing in the middle. My boys proclaimed this as "The Best Dinner EVER!". I don't hear that very often. I know that was from the Ranch dressing part (I did make some other real food too). **note about my picture...I think my kids had not seen this platter before and when they did the Big Guy said "is it St. Patrick's day? I never noticed it looking so much like a clover. Also, it looks much better in this picture than it does in real life. It is starting to show it's 30+ years of age. I hope there is not lead or something they have now deemed hazardous in it.

Anyway, it got me to wondering what my kids will remember so vividly about their childhood and their lives at home with us. I have lots and lots of memories but my husband does not remember stuff like I do. I hope they carry lots of good things from us through life. I hope the Big Guy remembers the moment he realized Santa really did leave a Wii at his house after all. I know I won't ever forget his reaction when he found the note to check for one thing in our basement.

Happy New Year. I hope it is a lovely decade for us all.


L a u r a said...

I love the platter and the memories it holds. (It does look a bit Irish, so I like it all the more!) I love hearing about other people memories because I'm like your husband in not remembering as much as most others.

Our kids love "relish tray" lunches/dinners. Sweet gherkins, ripe olives, cheese, veggies. I did this a few times over the holidays as we just grazed through the days!

Happy 2K 10!

Kristin said...


How nice that you are passing on that tradition to your own children with your dad's platter. I often think of you and say a little prayer when I am doing laundry because I remember you saying that's what you were doing when you learned of you dad's passing.

For Christmas, my dad gave me my nana's candy dish that she made in ceramic class (I wrote about my brother and me raiding it on my last post). It's funny how objects can just remind us so much of significant people and events.

Hope you had a great holiday; your card was just absolutely gorgeous!!!

Emily said...

Traditions are so nice.
And I totally can't get used to saying 10 either...