Wednesday, January 13, 2010

May the Chikin be with You

We are in trouble if I am the fun one in the family.

You probably can't tell - that is Darth Vader Cow. And, no I am not pregnant in this picture even though I might look it. Which brings up another contest at my gym. It is lame and totally not worth it but I am going to enter. There aren't that many signed up and I think I can take them and also beat the system by not hiring one of their trainers. The upside to all of this is that until they call me for a weigh-in appointment, I am going to eat as much as I can to gain a couple of pounds. That isn't cheating is it? Just stupidity, I suppose.

Back to Darth Vader. We took our kids (minus Baby Girl) to that Star Wars production-thing that plays the movie clips to a live orchestra. The real CP30 hosted it. It was pretty good except for the $9 hot dog I ate. The seats were about $55 each and the Little Guy fell asleep within 25 minutes. The boys learned all about "INTERMISSION" and were quite intrigued by that. I think it was the highlight of the evening.


MJacobson said...

I love your comment about being the "fun one". When it snowed and we were driving around, I opened the sunroof so it would snow inside the car and thought "See, I CAN be the fun one!".

L a u r a said...

I am still laughing and don't know where to begin-a galactic bovine, fitness contest loop holes, an expensive intermission... haheheehee! =)

Kristin said...

You are the fun-NY one, Lisa. ;)

I think you look darn cute, and I love that ruffle sweater. I am currently obsessed with ruffles. I think it is a side effect of only having boys.

I was so stupid when I started Weight Watchers and started watching what I ate weeks before I began. I should have had a big pig-out session beforehand. I miss cookies. But I am NOT missing those 60 pounds! Good luck in your contest, but I hope you realize that you are probably gonna have to cut off your hair or an arm at this point to lose any more weight; where is that weight gonna come from, Lisa?!? Your size is a pipe dream to me! :)

Emily said...

That is too funny...was that at the Fox?