Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another bad family photo

Have I mentioned that the middle one won't stay off the baby. Really. How annoyed she must be (not as much as me for sure). She has sufficiently learned to smack him and he deserves it. She bit him on the foot once and that was totally deserved too (although I didn't say it out loud). If someone ever gets in your face and screams "GOO GOO GAAA GAAAAAA!" you should just bite them. It is so very understandable.

Stay tuned for my post coming next year: "Baby Girl won't stop biting children in the church nursery; What do I do? and "She bit for blood. Not so funny anymore."

**Note: As you can see, the Big Guy still isn't tying his shoelaces and neither are we.


Mary C said...

The look on her face is awesome. Love Big Guy trying to pull him off her!

Kristin said...

I agree with Mary 100%! Classic pic!

BTW, is that your yard? It looks gorgeous!