Friday, September 5, 2008

Not that you asked

I'm feeling a bit strange. I have a long convoluted thyroid story that ends with me taking Synthroid and having my thyroid levels checked a lot more often than I care for. I think something is out of whack and it feels like it might be overactive again. Do you remember that Family Ties episode when Michael J. Fox takes amphetamines and can't stop and he is studying and spinning in that chair out of control? I don't either. Anyway, that is kind of how I feel. I go and go and go and never stop. I am only sleeping about 5 hours at night and don't even take my afternoon nap or hardly sit down during the day. If my housekeeper had not quit and I didn't have so many outside projects, my house might finally be well-organized and spotless. Unfortunately, I have a gabillion things going on right now. If this all sounds great to you, it is. It is wearing me down slowly, though. Pregnancy and babies usually mess things up with my thyroid so I hope it is settling back to where it wants to be and will leave me alone soon. Before this started I visited my endocrinologist so I should get that report back soon in many weeks. The man has gone crazy. I had Baby Girl with me and he talked to her and then rambled on and on very fast about some story I couldn't understand. I'm not even sure he was speaking English. He told me to take a sip of water so I could swallow and he could feel my thyroid as I did that. I just held the water in my mouth waiting for him to tell me when to swallow and he just talked on and on. He finally walked away and I guess he forgot what he was doing. I just tried to get out of there. Poor man only gets samples of thyroid medication so he is probably overdosing on that stuff instead of whatever regular doctors get hooked on.

Sorry no thyroid picture to post. It would be even more boring than this rambling.


Mary C said...

I totally remember that episode of Family Ties!

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Kristin said...

Okay, that very special "Family Ties" episode was one of my very favorites. But as funny as that post was, I really hope you find some relief! I'm sorry you have to deal with that! Let us know when you find something out.

l e a h said...

Shoot. No thyroid pic.

My bedtime always conflicted with Family Ties, so I think I missed that episode.

Hope you find some answers soon. Perhaps you've got a bit of adrenal fatigue going on, too.