Monday, September 8, 2008

Family Portrait

Listed on my Little Guy's school supply list was "family picture". Hmmm. You would think that we would have one. I put it off for weeks and finally tried to arrange for my Aunt to come over and take our picture. That didn't work out so finally I set the timer on my small 6 year old Sony and made everyone get on the couch. This is what I got. I kind of like it. It is just the way we are. I'm in sweats and a college T-shirt, my Hubby has his clothes on to run and one of the kids is crying. I started to send it in and then on Labor Day my Aunt used the same pitiful Sony to take this one:
I had to do a lot of editing to get it to even look this good. I like the way she said "I took a good picture" when I showed her later. There was 10 feet of space above us in the original picture. I'm wearing another college t-shirt, however, the kids weren't crying so I consider it a big success despite the way my hair looks. Those are flag stickers going across my Hubby's chest. Another big success when they aren't stuck to our be-hinds.


Kristin said... will have to excuse me, but I am bookmarking this post forever so that any time I need a really good laugh, I'm coming right back. I love how Baby Girl is just floating around like everything is fine. And your smiling face peeking in the corner in the midst of Big Guy's breakdown has me laughing so hard that I may very well have an accident (and besides, you just can't be the only one who periodically has pee on her floor).

For the record, I would have applauded you for sending in the first "draft." Peanut's teacher asked them same thing of us; I sent in our Christmas picture. No sense in trying to duplicate that. My face and my husband's are half-covered by the boys, but no one really wanted to see us anyway, I figure.

And P.S., we have those flag stickers covering the side of our coffee table. They won't come off. I just love free direct mail stickers. And THAT's why I am not donating to the Disabled Veterans this year (j/k). ;)

l e a h said...

While you are all simply smashing in the b&w, I totally dig the first photo.

Like Kristin said, there is something about your little girl with her dazed look that is so captivating. And the meltdown...this photo is too perfect!

4under3 said...

Both pictures are school worthy, I think. We have both types around our house too. You all look quite loveable to me!


Mary C said...

This post was hilarious!

My kids needed family pictures for preschool. 2 for one class, and 1 for the other. It was pitiful that I couldn't scrounge up 3 pictures of the four of us together. I lovelovelove the first picture. You are so funny.

Laura said...

Your first photo is so funny and fabulous and REAL. Classic!

Your second photo is also a great record of reality--not overly made up and certainly not studio fake! Just real...with everyone's faces showing!

Kristi said...

LOVE both of these photos! Thanks for the good chuckle, Lisa!

Angela said...

you always make me laugh.
i also consider it a huge success that the stickers weren't stuck to your rear-ends.
trust me- i so know how that goes.