Monday, September 22, 2008

We aren't so colorful

I want to add that the little truck should actually be a Jeep. Baby Girl isn't that skinny by a long shot (we have spelled F-A-T in our house a few times). Please exchange that June Cleaver skirt I am wearing for my Costco loungewear. I'm not sure my Hubby has that much hair. Otherwise this is us!

I've gotten a few emails that I haven't replied to yet. I am underwater here with work, schools, the consignment sale and the checks that go along with it. Also, my pictures have been "offline" for a few days and there is never much of a reason for me to blog without my pictures.

All is well.

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Kristin said...

Is that the application from FB? I haven't been on there in ages; every time I log on, my computer freezes. It is an antique and needs to be handled gently. Glad to know all is well. You can still come visit other people's blogs, ya know... ;)