Tuesday, February 3, 2009

BG and her Peeps

Baby Girl, Baby Boy and Baby Boy (soon to be known as Big Guy and Big Guy because they are catching up in size to Baby Girl quick although they are a few months younger.

I can't believe Bonnie didn't hold all three herself. Three should be a breeze after having four babies at once. Baby Girl is smiling because she has her sippy cup. She is a VERY well hydrated child.

Here are the six oldest siblings of the babies. I'm pretty sure I was pregnant with the Little Guy during this time and there was one more big sister on her way.

I love my girlfriends and the interesting journey we took wondering if we would E V E R get pregnant. Eleven kids later and I think it worked out pretty well. I hope I counted right. Eleven? (Some of us are overachievers...)


Morris five said...

OMG I am laughing. I big red puffy heart this post (gag if you feel the need!) What a cute old picture and yes, were we EVER going to get pg? Who knew?
an overachiever

Mara said...

Yes, that IS very ironic that we spent at least a year together agonizing over the ttc and here we are with ELEVEN between us!
Remember planning that beach trip around Lisa's "go time"? I think that was the one that did the trick, right?