Sunday, February 1, 2009

16 Months. Oh, the drama.

Happy 16 months, Baby Girl!

She just might end up being an actress. She is a hoot.

She finally uses the word Mama to talk to me (and sometimes Mommy). The words I can remember that she says: Mama, Dada, both brother's names, ball, hey, uh-uh (no), BA-BY, bye-bye, sock, Cookie (Cookie Monster), and the oh so popular "DUCK". I'm not sure what Meme means. Grammy? Elmo? I bet she is going to be trouble when she is three. She makes me laugh now. She loves books and brings the same 3 to me all day long wanting to sit in my lap. I love that. She hangs on her high chair when she is hungry and wants to carry a sippy cup around with her at all times. She won't sign any word back to me no matter how much I do it and loves to go to bed by 6PM. She gets excited to go on a ride in the car and to brush her teeth. She takes her shirt off all day long. I can't keep her arms in her sleeves. She likes to hug if it is her idea and is a sweet little girl.

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Kristin said...

That was a sweet post. Wasn't she just a year old?!? Was that really 4 months ago?

I feel you on the signing thing. I tried that, too, with such high hopes. Nope. The taking off her shirt thing cracked me up. Don't worry; I'm sure that will stop by the time she is a teenager. ;)