Monday, February 23, 2009

Vacation Tip #1

When you go skiing, take your pictures on the slopes the first day. If you get a stomach virus and miss the other days skiing you will not have your fun picture and the only thing you can post on your blog is a picture of you and a moose.

Tip #2: Ski Coats add 50-60 lbs to you in photos. Try to get a moose in your picture for a distraction if you don't take your coat off.

We did make it home and found our kids in tact. Everyone else also got the stomach virus including my mother. It was not pretty. I promise not to post any pictures, but the places it went is pretty scary. My Hubby was the last man down yesterday. We are all better now or at least able to function in our every day lives.

We have too many towels. I washed every one of them this weekend so I know.


Emily said...

Oh no! How awful. I'm so glad y'all are on the mend...

Mara said...

Ugh, did baby girl end up getting it too? I'm so sorry.
Your blog entry is hysterical though.

Kristin said...

Your poor thing(s)! Getting sick while on a well-deserved vacation should not be allowed. And just because I know you will appreciate it, I should mention that I looked at that pic of you and Mr. Moose and thought, "Wow, Lisa looks so darn skinny!" before reading a word of your post. And then I called you a name. Ha! Okay, I'm just kidding. I really missed your hilarious entries while you were gone! The blogosphere just wasn't the same. :) So glad everyone is getting better now.

L a u r a said...

I'm sorry all of you got sick...although I do appreciate you making the bad things in life so enjoyable for us!

I like the moose. We have a big tin moose in our house. Don't ask.

Jessica Stier said...

You are hilarious!!! Your tips were so funny I can't stop thinking about them.

btw, Your babies are all adorable!!!

Thanks for the Twitter follow. :)