Saturday, February 14, 2009

To Ski or not to Ski

I am leaving tomorrow for several days. My Hubby and I are going skiiing and we are leaving our kids for the first time. I don't think we have both been gone from them except for a night when I was in the hospital having Baby Girl and a night when the Big Guy was a toddler and I was hugely PG. So it goes without saying that I am a bit nervous of Grammy's babysitting abilities. My boys are going to be wild. The logistics of their little schedules, schools and lives has been a nightmare (and that is with skipping most everything).

Baby Girl has been sick with a bug for 2 days and I'm not feeling so great myself. Please pray that she will be well taken care of and won't forget who her Mama is. I hope she isn't too confused about where I am.

Oh, and I don't ski.

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