Friday, February 27, 2009

Destination Wedding: Nothing else to post on Friday

This is a shot from my hotel room balcony last week. I was trying to be quick and sneaky so it isn't too good. This couple was getting their picture made. I guess they got married there that night? I wish she had a coat on. She had big boots on under that dress. See the 2 black Labs? They sat there like perfect angels for the pictures. I saw case after case of alcohol being carted in for the reception. It is a good think I wasn't invited since I was sick in the hotel room anyway.

I should be happier that it is Friday. I feel tired. The Little Guy is home with me today (with Baby Girl, of course). His school wasn't in today. I was able to take The Big Guy to school early to buy a chicken biscuit (fundraiser). I hovered over him in the hallway hoping he wouldn't spill his giant cup of chocolate milk. He was juggling that, the biscuit, a coat and a backpack bigger than he is. He slowly creeped farther and farther from me. I believe that was my sign he wanted me to go. It won't be long before he asks me to drop him off a block from the school.

The Lego Lady friend just came in the door so I have to wrap this up. The Little Guy is picking up 10,005 small Lego pieces off the living room floor. He taught Baby Girl how to throw them so it is a mess. Our friend was pretty horrified that all the different groups of Legos were being mixed together in different boxes. The Big Guy is a member of the Lego Club and gets a new something-or-another every other month. As I type this they are all being dumped into various boxes. If 95% of them are off my floor, I am very happy. Our friend isn't dealing with that disorganization too well. Better go. She will be asking soon if my dishwasher is broken. Why else would all those dirty dishes be sitting on the counter?

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Kristin said...

I used to be like your Lego Lady friend and I couldn't mix the Legos either. But then I had Baby #2. If she came here, she would wonder if my vacuum was broken, my dustpan was broken, and maybe if my legs were broken since there is so much to be picked up and I am sitting here on the computer instead of dealing with it.

P.S. I don't know how that bride could deal without a coat! I am freezing in 70 degree weather.