Saturday, January 31, 2009

January 2009: Another month of destruction

This is one of the cabinets in my kitchen along with the door that used to be attached to it. The broken green Croc just happened to be there too. The white box is an exercise ball that has never been opened (hence my flabby tummy). That is another story - back to my cabinet. I am MAD. Cabinet doors are just not meant to hold 90 lbs of boys on them.Pottery Barn Kids Room. A new expression of the Little Guy over the top bunk.

Yeah, don't forget to look at the ceiling.
Sorry I didn't get a shot of the hole in his toy box. No, I don't always watch him. Haven't you heard of "quiet time"? He still doesn't get it.

And you know what I was even madder about? When he snuck out and stole the Mavala polish. He painted every fingernail and toenail and poured the rest out on some toys and filled the bottle up with water. I think I might have floated on air and almost went through the roof. Mavala goes on thumbnails to stop thumb sucking and it really works. Believe me, we tried a lot of other stuff and this did the trick. It is nasty. I painted my own nail and put my tongue on it and had to go spit in the sink it is so bad. Lovely picture, right? Anyway, I highly recommend it but I must warn you that if your kid makes a mess with it and when you clean it up you accidentally get it all over your hands and the side of your mouth, it could be bad. Really bad! You will remember how bad every time you lick something off your lip or try to eat something off your hand. Trust me. Bad.


Kristin said...

Oh. my. word.

Please tell me that was washable marker.

And please tell me Mavala is water-soluable. I have a feeling it isn't.

Little Guy is in my prayers.

Mara said...

Oh Lisa. These boys had better treat you like a queen when you are old and gray.

Lisa said...

I'm already old and gray, Mara.

Not a washable marker. Some cheapo Diego marker that probably means it stains very well. I bought a special new magic eraser for the job and have not attempted a clean up yet. I have just about given up on that room.

L a u r a said...

Oh. NO!!!

Document everything! It may pay some day!

Amy Jo said...

I'm so sorry to see that documentation. Wear gloves when you do that magic eraser thing. Or make HIM wear gloves and erase it himself!

Kaylee colors all over stuff, but the only thing she can get her hands on right now is chalk down in the basement. Once she got a hold of an orange marker and did teh floor all pretty. It was washable. I have a feeling that she'd love to color the walls too if she could.