Sunday, March 23, 2008

Baby Legwarmers

Please don't put these on your baby. Especially if he or she has chubby legs like my baby girl. They are cute for a picture so go for it if it is a short amount of time. My baby girl was taking a nap today in a short dress and I thought I would be clever and put her Baby Legs on so she wouldn't get chilly. She ended up sleeping a little longer than she normally does. When she woke up we brought her down to the kitchen where we were dying Easter eggs. My hubby noticed her foot was blue. I was trying to figure out how she got dye on her feet or why pink fabric would turn her blue. He ripped one off and her whole leg was blue because they were cutting off the circulation in her leg! The elastic doesn't seem too tight so I don't know if it was just too much for her or maybe pressing on the wrong place. She has cute fat legs, but nothing out of the ordinary on a baby. She is no Jennifer Beals and I won't be putting them on like that again. Consider yourself warned!


MCK Mama said...

Hello from the other side of our parallel universe! Wow, you were RIGHT! And, did you end up across my post about Baby Legs!? Crazy. My middle, Cullen, wears them around because he's potty training. He's got chubby legs but I guess the BL are stretched out from big brother Kieran having worn them, because his feet never turned blue! Your poor little girl:( Anyway, LOVE LOVE your photographer. Darker and more antiqued and my mysterious than mine...I LOVE bright and light, but I LOVE your art, too. Bravo. How did you come across me? I will have to peruse your blog more and perhaps add you to my blogroll!! Blessings!

Amanda said...

Wow, that is SCARY! Thank you for the warning, as I do appreciate it. All my girls have had chubby legs, so that could very likely happen to my little one.

By the way, THANK YOU for stopping by my blog and ranting along with me about pregnancy! I think we're on the same page, as far as that goes. Hey, if you're interested, you should check out the following site:

WARNING: There is nudity, most is very tasteful, though. It's a site for mom's, to blog about personal experiences regarding pregnancy and postpartum and body issues, and I have found it VERY encouraging. Let me know your thoughts and feel free to check back again!