Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Hair-Do

My hair person is getting married and quit her job. No surprise to me because every time I find someone I really like, they quit within two years. I took it as a great opportunity to see another person that several of my cute friends use. I feel like it is a transition time in my life with new opportunities in my life not to mention a new baby. The big guy is going to real school next year and I'll be dropping some of the many preschool volunteer activities I have soon - it is in the horizon. I wanted something to represent so many changes and this new time and maybe spark something in me to lose the last bit of baby weight I am hanging on to. It didn't hurt that I have post partum hair loss around my face and can't do anything with it anymore. What I had in mind was a cut similar to Katie Holmes (before the latest short bob). That is exactly what I got. The problem is, I am not Katie Holmes. Also, my hair is very thick and wavy/curly so maintenance will be interesting if not scary. I've never had it this short and I can't decide if I like it or not. Few friends have seen it and the ones that have both said "You got your hair cut!" Nothing indicated it was a little okay and one felt inclined to tell me it would grow back. They may just be in shock like me or perhaps it is much much worse than even I realize. I warned my husband before I got home and he told me that it was not my best look, but he would love me even if I was bald. He thought that was something nice to say [insert puzzled look here]. You can't tell from the picture, but 4 inches came off the back and neither of my boys acknowledged it at all (they will be men one day after all...). Finally I had to ask the four year old what he thought (not my best idea). He said "why does it look like a hat." I suspected it might look like a brown football helmet. My crowning glory has always been my hair and probably the thing you would notice about me first. That may not be a good thing anyway. I am having a bit of an identity crisis as I actually start to look the part of a soccer mom and not the 25 year old that I still feel like inside (except for me aching back).
UPDATE: All of a sudden all the ads to the right of my blog are for hair loss products. Insult to injury!

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