Monday, March 24, 2008

The Dress

Her first Easter dress. Ahhhhh. And, I spared no expense. After two boys I felt a little entitled to go crazy on baby girl clothes. I have control of myself now. I am so embarrassed that I left the tag on it when I sent her to the nursery at church. Much more embarrassed about it than that she only had one shoe on. I have not mastered getting my children ready for church (or anything else for that matter) in a timely manner. It takes Hubby and I hours of herding the boys from room to room only to end up leaving in the wrong clothes or missing accessories (like shoes). I even try to prepare everything the night before and it still doesn't work out for me. This is true on a typical day and this Sunday the Easter Bunny really slowed us down with his distracting treats. However difficult it was to get there, we had a good day. We even managed to escape lunch without ketchup on the dress. Her ear, cheek and the little guy's white sweater were not so lucky.

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Amanda said...

What a sweet little dress for a sweet little girl. Your kids are absolutely beautiful. As you likely know from my blog, I have three kids, too. All girls. Look to be about the same ages as yours?? 4, 2 and 4 1/2 months. It's a very busy stage, and I can TOTALLY relate with you about not getting anywhere in a timely manner. I'm typically a very prompt person, so running late is incredibly stressful and frustrating for me!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the Shape of a Mother site. I happened to stumble across it while I was in the early stages of my third pregnancy. Pregnancy has done a NUMBER on my body, so reading other woman's stories has been very encouraging in helping me feel like I'm not alone. I visit that site regularly as it really lifts my spirits!

I laughed regarding your comment about your hair. Like you, I have VERY thick hair, and honestly don't mind losing most of it, but I also lose it all around my face. It was really obvious after having my second my baby, and my hair had FINALLY grown out since having her, but now I get to lose it all over again. Fortunately, my hair grows fast, but there's a phase where half of my head it wispy hairs growing out all over the place. It's quite a sight!

BTW, your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Do you take them yourself?