Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Girl Scout Cookies are Here!

They have been here and gone again. It looks like Baby Girl favors the Thin Mints just like her Dad. Thank goodness - more Tagalongs for me. The exciting news is that I bought them from a real live Girl Scout and not somebody's Dad. In my earlier life, I went door to door selling these cookies. I sold an impressive 250 boxes (okay, 15 were to my Dad). All for the prize of a week-long trip to Camp Cottaquilla where I was terribly homesick and if you ask me now - was no prize at all. I'm really hoping now that my Dad didn't buy those extra 15 boxes to push me over the limit and get rid of me for a week. Fun times. I'm thinking the big guy is going to have to hit the streets to sell his baseball raffle tickets soon. At least they give cash prizes and not a week of bad food and mean girls.

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