Thursday, March 27, 2008

Discount Diva

I am the treasurer of a large children's consignment sale. We spent a whole week this month filling up the fellowship hall of our church and emptying it out again. This picture is not from the sale, but of my home after being gone so much in one week. I'm still trying to get things in order. The good news is I got lots and lots of cute name brand clothes super-cheap for baby girl. The bad news is they are all over the floor of my house and I have no where to put them! It really is ridiculous now that I think of it. It made so much sense when my friend justified that I would turn around and sell them all next year. I was so ecstatic to find little hot pink, red and even blue outfits for her. The pale pink doesn't do much for her (or me). Did the boys get anything? Oh yeah, khaki pants, one annoying mechanical dinosaur and the enjoyment of seeing their baby "sistah" in little lime green Crocs.

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