Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring has Sprung

The Dutch Iris is my favorite flower. The bulk of my wedding flowers were Irises. I love to get a bunch of them on my birthday. I don't, however, need any more nicknacks of painted Iris. Thank you.

It has turned a little colder this week. We were teased with the sunshine for days and now rain is expected a lot this week. Poor little boys.

I guess I really am getting old. These days, all I do is talk about the weather.


Anonymous said...

When you say, "turned a bit colder," I bet you probably mean something ridiculous like now it's in the upper 40's there;) Spring has tried to spring here, but it's been repeatedly thwarted. You know, by snow and ice. We've gotten another 5 inches of snow today and it's still coming. And tomorrow is April. Sigh. Can I come visit you?

Angela said...

Wow- you and I sound alike... that is all I seem to be able to talk about, too... the weather! Except -we are sitting here covered in snow... SNOW!!

I was actually going to blog about that myself. Except,I don't have nice pictures of flowers. I have a picture of a bunch of geese freezing their hind-ends off in our pond... wondering what happened from yesterday (when they were happily swimming and fishing) to today, where they are huddling together trying to sheild eachother from the pelting snow.


Lisa said...

I think it must have been around 60. I didn't wear a coat, but probably needed one. It is rainy so seems much much colder! At least the snow pictures look really pretty to us down here!