Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Anti Suri and Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Here is our girl holding her Mom's medicinal Soft Drink. Down here in the South we like to call that a "Coke" even though it is a Diet Coke or even if it had been Sprite.

She is the anti-Suri because her drink isn't in a baby bottle. I bet you thought it was because my Baby Girl doesn't dress as nice (you would be right). I always thought that with the third child we would not care and let her drink out of a bottle until 3 or 4. My kids have always relied on their thumbs so the bottle was never too important to them. Which reminds me, I need to pull out my Macro lens and take a picture of the little bottle that has cured my boys of sucking their thumbs. It was sent right down from heaven. It actually came from Hong Kong, but I'm sure God had a hand in it. One day I will post that picture and write a proper little post about it.

Back to the picture. I don't let her drink "Coke" just in case you are wondering. She is strictly a water and milk kind of gal. This is from our team's Homecoming game a few weeks ago. It takes me that long to get my pictures downloaded. Unfortunately, our team was beaten bad today and I should be too embarrassed to post this.

In case I don't get around to posting it soon, I'll go ahead and give a run down of our holiday weekend. I was up late working on a project the night before Thanksgiving. I slept in the next morning until the Big Guy woke me up and asked me if I had ever slept that long in my whole life. I have. Parade, Baking, and off to Grammy's for the big dinner. Baby Girl threw her turkey on the floor and fussed until she could just walk around. I had planned to go to the outlet mall that was opening at midnight. I then decided I was too tired for that and made an online order for some stuff I didn't need. I slept in again and it was WONDERFUL. And by slept in, I mean staying in the bed until 9 am after getting up 3 or 4 times in the night for various children. I did get to some stores later in the day and spent more money on stuff I don't need. We went back to Grammy's for more Turkey and stayed there until my children were completely out of control and wrecking the place. I always imagine that everyone is so relieved when my family leaves.

Today we pulled out the Christmas tree and dealt with a light issue on said tree. The boys never got out of their pajamas. The tree was never fully decorated, one ornament was broken and we have another dent in a wall. Tomorrow is the Big Guy's birthday, so I have the cake made and ornaments set out for them to decorate tomorrow.

We had more leftovers for dinner tonight. I'm done with the turkey. I don't care if I don't have it again for another year.


Kristin said...

Happy B-day to the Big Guy tomorrow!

I think the Anti-Suri looks adorable in that little cheerleading outfit. I'm sure she doesn't care that your team lost as long as she can wear that sweet little uniform.

Mara Jacobson said...

War Eagle anyway!