Friday, November 21, 2008

Hello World

Hi poor neglected blog.

Life is just busy right now and all the pictures I have taken lately have been of other kids...not Baby Girl or the Big Guy. I did take some of the Little Guy and maybe one day I will download them. ? I took pictures today of another little 4 (almost 5 year old) little guy and realized that maybe that aged boy is just the same for most. Maybe they are ALL great negotiators? They always have a better idea of where they should stand or where the light might be good for a picture. I guess when you are that small with big people telling you what to do left and right...any amount of control you can get you will take.

We had dinner with friends at the local Mexican restaurant. It was chaos and I'm sure I couldn't have gotten through it without a Margarita. My friend and another table of people brought along a DVD player for the babies. Hmmmm. Funny how people either think that is terrible parenting or plain genius. Guess what I think! At least it kept (I hope) a second can of play-dough from being thrown at a near-by table. Are all the Mexican restaurants across America hopping with activity and flying cans of play-dough on a Friday night? I'm just wondering. Why does everyone decide they must eat Mexican on Friday night? I thought it was pizza?

More later (when I have had more than 4 hours of sleep). Also, Hubby says he must cycle the network and I will lose any sessions I have. ? I don't know. That is just some of the stuff he likes to say. So, goodnight.

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