Saturday, November 1, 2008

Second Halloween

Baby Girl enjoyed her 2nd Halloween. She slept through most of the first one. Here we are last year (I can't believe how tiny she is):

It seems like more of us now. All of the kids are heavier. That is for sure.

I will be heavier too if I don't stop eating the big Reeses PB cups all day long.

They are so good!

You will note the boys did not venture away from Star Wars characters again this year. The Big Guy was Commander Cody and The Little Guy was Captain Rex from the Clone Wars. There is a difference between Clone Troopers and Storm Troopers. So I am told...

Last year they were Darth Vader and Ninja Vader. A Ninja Vader is not an official Star Wars character in case you are wondering. It is what you are when your Mom has a Ninja costume for you and you want to wear a Darth Vader mask like your big brother. This works well if you are 3 years old.


Mary C said...

You all are such a good looking family!

l e a h said...

I love annual pics like these. Perhaps when asked to provide a family photo next year, your boys can bring in these.

Mara Jacobson said...

You, however, look younger.
How did you manage that?

Kristin said...

Love your explanation of Little Guy's costume choice. And oh my goodness...Baby Girl was so teeny this time last year! BTW...I not only have stairway envy, now I have front-of-house envy, too. Just thought you should know. :)