Saturday, November 15, 2008

No one puts Baby in a pitcher

If you didn't get my little Dirty Dancing reference, sorry.

Brothers are mean.

This is Baby. She is Baby Girl's most favorite doll. Her official name is "Baby". You didn't think someone that names her blog "Two Boys and a Baby Girl" and calls her daughter "Baby Girl" would come up with anything more original than that did you?

Lately, Baby Girl talks to her and after she licks her head calls her Da-Da. No, my husband doesn't mind at all.


Kristin said...

Please cover Baby Girl's ears so she doesn't hear me laughing so hard. That was completely hilarious. Loved the post title!

P.S. This is obviously a southern girl's blog, because the word verification was "grits."

Mary C said...

Love the Dirty Dancing reference. There aren't nearly enough of those, I say.

Angela said...

That is so funny... and I can so relate. My boys are always doing that kind of stuff to my girls dolls. I've had found more than my fair share of doll heads (as in, without the bodies) around here...