Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Guess what this is.


Okay, I am kidding. Even I could figure this one out. And, it goes with my last post. I thought I would put that link in case you weren't able to scroll down half of a page.

It is part of the gi-normous box of Cheerios I bought at Costco earlier in the year. I have a baby. Babies love Cheerios, right? Wrong. Not mine. I thought I was doing our family a favor by loading up on something she was sure to chow down on and I would be carrying with me all over town. Nope. She has never eaten them and will spit them out if I put them in her mouth. So, I have tried to give them to the boys many mornings. They won't eat them. I have tried to add sugar to them and they still won't go for it. I tried to talk my Hubby in to eating them. He finally told me "I don't like them and I'm not going to eat them." Oh the waste. So, I have been trying to eat them some and am not making a dent in our large supply. I thought I was brilliant when I bought Honey Nut Cheerios and mixed them both together. Baby Girl will pick out the sweet ones and spit the others out. The other people in my house flat out refuse to eat them for the mere fact that the regular ones are in there. This post about Cheerios sure is taking a long time.

On to the point.

I had another brilliant idea. I would make Rice Krispie treats (who doesn't love them?). I would just use Cheerios instead of Rice Krispies and they would be gobbled up in no time. AND I decided I would throw in a bag of chocolate chips to sweeten the deal. That is what my last posting was. Butter, chocolate chips and huge marshmallows I found in my pantry left over from a camping trip. I was like McGuyver in the kitchen finding things to throw in that pot. I didn't think those big Marshmallows would ever melt.

The boys could smell my concoction outside and couldn't wait to try it. My Big Guy said I was a genius, I should sell it and I would become rich and famous (this is before he tried it). He did like it, the Little Guy lost the privilege to have some (another story) and the next day I had to throw it all away because it was so chewy it hurt my jaw. I didn't mind throwing it away. I least I was rid of some of those Cheerios.

The very sad thing is that this picture above is what I had left over AFTER I made my Cheerio-treat.

They are back in my pantry until I can think of something else to mix them up with. I have been thinking about having the boys string them for the Christmas Tree. That is as crafty as I can be.



Kristin said...

A baby who doesn't love Cheerios?!? Who knew? Well, I don't really blame her. They are pretty bland once you have tasted the good stuff. Could you try to throw them into a Chex Mix sort of concoction? I was going to suggest that you mix them with the Honey Nut or Apple Cinnamon varieties until I read that you had (obviously) already tried them. What about *you*? Do you like them? Because if so, problem solved! No more having to figure out elaborate dinner plans. Cheerios for every day and every meal. :)

P.S. I like the Christmas tree idea!

L a u r a said...

I was thinking of the Christmas idea as well...but you mentioned that later.

One thing my mom did with the kids (while I was at the hospital delivering another one) was to have write their names with them. She had them put a bit of glue on them (or maybe she just drew a line of glue on construction paper), then the kids lined out the Cheerios right over the glue to spell their names. Okay, this probably doesn't use up enough of your Cheerios. We still have one of the "signs" left (after 6 years) hanging on the kids' bedroom doors.

You're south enough to still have some ducks around, aren't you? Do ducks like Cheerios?