Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Recap

Baby Girl is involved in things whether she wants to be or not. She and I both are having trouble adjusting to the cooler weather. We keep trying to wear our summer clothes.
Kissed by a clone trooper (Captain Rex).
I told my husband I did not want to be involved in any way with the whole carving the pumpkin-thing. I wasn't and this is what we got. The Big Guy sketched out one side and the Little Guy the other.
My sweet aunt, my little ladybug and....what is your brother doing!
A better view of Baby Gap.

A little Princess Leah in our neighborhood. Her mom pretty much made the costume. That is why Baby Girl couldn't be that. I just can't. I can buy stuff on sale, though.
The end of me. Guess which one I am going for first. The Reese's. It is the only one there because I already pulled the other 15 for my own personal stash. The Big Guy gave me a handful before we were even home. He knows the deal.

A bouquet of suckers. For myself, of course.


4under3 said...

Looks like fun!

Oooh OOhh..and I see your candy corn lights. Looks nice. Do you think you should maybe enter your front porch in some cute home magazine?! I do.

And, little lady bug. So sweet.


Big Nanny said...

Glad you were able to work out a "deal" with your kids on the chocolate. The sucker bouquet is adorable but I hate suckers. And yes, I had to cut my bangs on Friday for the SP updo, so get to choppin'.

Kristin said...

Great pics, Lisa! I LOVE the ones with you getting smooches. Too sweet!